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 Book of the Week: A Pick by Maxwell Anderson

Book of the Week: A Pick by Maxwell Anderson
Karma by Oscar Monzon

"Intense, confusing, aggressive, playful, edgy... What, why, how. This book slaps me about a bit, which I quite enjoy. A couple of times I thought I got the drift of what was going on, then it hopped, skipped and jumped somewhere else. Details in images take on different implications because of the mashed-up influence of preceding images... and then a crudely made collage appears (I feel like I shouldn't tell you because they seem like they should be tiny surprises). I hated it, I loved it, I thought it was trashy, I thought it was genius. Whatever it is, it makes me feel slightly unstable. Whatever I think of it, it's a bold thing to make which many people probably won't like, which I'm totally in support of!!" — Maxwell Anderson

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Maxwell Anderson is an artist, photographer and photobook publisher from London. Previously working for Chris Boot Limited, he created his own publishing imprint, Bemojake, from which he publishes his own work and the work of others. Maxwell also works from time to time with the Aperture Foundation in New York.
 photo-eye Bookstore Events
Autophotography Book Signing
Friday, October 18th from 5-7pm at photo-eye Bookstore
370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe NM 87501

Since the 1800s, New Mexico has provided inspiration to some of the best photographers in the world. Since the 1920s, many great photographers have located here and produced some of the most compelling modern work in the medium. For Autophotography, Axle Contemporary has assembled an exhibition and catalog which includes many of the most compelling photographers working now in the state. Artists invited to exhibit their self-portraits include:

Robert Stivers, Kate Russell, Ward Russell, Anne Staveley, Jennifer Schlessinger Hanson, Jennifer Esperanza, Celia Luz Santos, Lisa Law, Jane Phillips, Delialh Montoya, Meridel Rubenstein, Sondra Goodwin, Brandon Soder, Eric Cosineau, David Schienbaum, James Hart, Laura Shields, Patti Levey, Jamey Stillings, Chris Enos, Willis F. Lee, Guy Cross, Laurie Tumer, Will Wilson, Matthew Chase-Daniel, Nancy Sutor, Jonathan Morse, Louis Leray, Melanie West, Francesca Yorke, Ungelbah Davilla, Zoe Zimmerman, Gay Block, Jessamyn Lovell, Nick Merrick, Brad Belmear, Iscah Hunsdsen Carey, Tony O'Brien, Steve Fitch, Nic Nicosia, Daniel Quat, Carrie Tafoya, Tamara Lichenstein, Henry Aragoncillo, Gabriella Marks, Carola Clift, Catie Soldan, Suzanne Sbarge, Janet Russek, Duane Monczewski, Andrea Senutovitch, Laurie Archer, Herb Lotz, Kirk Gittings, Teresa Neptune, Lauren Greenwald, Joseph Mougel, Martin Stupich, Sharon Stewart, Phillip Augustin, Antone Dolezal, Megan Jacobs, Tara Russo, Dave Reichert, Sarah Moore, and Joan Zalenski.

A group of the exhibiting artists will be available to sign books.

Can't make it to the book signing? Reserve a copy here.
 Photographer's Showcase
Jane Alden Stevens: Seeking Perfection: Traditional Apple Growing in Japan

"Jane Alden Stevens' Seeking Perfection: Traditional Apple Growing in Japan portfolio documents a specialized form of apple cultivation in the Aomori Prefecture in Japan. The series is stunning in its delicate visual beauty as well as the meticulous farming practices it captures. A tremendous amount of care is put into the production of a single perfect apple... Though we first released Stevens' portfolio on the Photographer's Showcase a few years ago, the images have stuck with us, and we are happy to re-release an expanded version of Seeking Perfection with five new images. The expanded portfolio has also provided a great opportunity to ask Stevens about the series and her photographic practice." —Sarah Bradley

Read Sarah Bradley's interview with Jane Alden Stevens on photo-eye Blog

View the complete portfolio

For more information or to purchase a print please contact photo-eye Gallery at 505-988-5158 x121 or gallery@photoeye.com.
 photo-eye Book Reviews

Peter Mitchell: Strangely Familiar

"New Leeds versus Old Leeds. Which one is better? You can see the new for yourself by going to visit and staying in one of the city's overpriced hotels. To see the old, the best way is to take a trip in the time machine of Strangely Familiar, Peter Mitchell's book of photographs of Leeds in the 1970s. This book is number 7 in Nazraeli's series of 10 books chosen by Martin Parr and it's a classic, a marvel of decrepit cityscapes mixed with environmental portraits that show the soul of a city and a people at odds with what Mitchell calls the 'glittering emptiness' of the city today." — from Colin Pantall's review of Strangely Familiar by Peter Mitchell

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Mitch Epstein: New York Arbor

"Epstein invests his images with an elegance and a contextual intelligence that highlights the character of individual trees apart from the overarching canopy of them that most pedestrians glide beneath with little more than casual appreciation for the shade. Epstein embraces a century-old approach to the subject, to boot. He sees New York City's trees as 'the city's central characters,' pre- and likely post-dating most of its current human inhabitants." — from George Slade's review of New York Arbor by Mitch Epstein

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 Art Photo Index
Featured Artist: Karin Rosenthal
 In-Stock Books
Eleven To Liverpool Street by Katja Stuke published by Bohm/Kobayashi
London is infamously known as being one of the most watched cities in the world with CCTV cameras mounted all over the city. It's a popular trend in the UK in general — one report estimates that there is one CCTV camera for every 32 UK citizens. Katja Stuke's Eleven To Liverpool Street is a strange and voyeuristic document showing video portraits of pedestrians taken on a bus ride in London from World's End to Liverpool Street Station. Presented like a newspaper (though on much nicer paper stock), each photograph, mostly taken from that tell-tale downward angle, is reproduced at large scale including the vertical lines characteristic of video recordings.
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Strip-O-Gram self-published by Sebastien Girard
In 2007, Sebastien Girard set up an eBay notification for the keyword "stripper" and over the course of five years purchased thousands of amateur photographs, taken not in strip clubs, but instead American living rooms. The photographs depict groups of women interacting with strippers, capturing wide-eyes, hoots, laughter and some questionable behavior, weird and wonderful images that give a glimpse into a seldom seen segment of American culture and the objectification of the male form. Strip-O-Gram was selected as a Best Book of 2012.
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Lange Liste 79 - 97 by Christian Lange published by Spector Books
Lange Liste 79 - 97 is a remarkable document presenting the first 18 years of Christian Lange's life in photographs and the meticulous ledgers kept by his mother listing over ten thousand purchases. While the text is in German, the photographs and lists nevertheless make for an intriguing and unique narrative. Lange Liste 79 - 97 was selected as a Best Book of 2012.
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Read the entire post on photo-eye Blog
 photo-eye Auctions
On the block this week:
  • Lisetta Carmi: Il Travestiti (The Transvestites)—a sweet copy of a fragile book!
  • Josef Koudelka: Animals (SIGNED, Limited Edition Portfolio of 18 Héliogravures)
  • Dag Alveng: Asylum
  • Trent Parke: Dream/Life
  • Ken Magazine (Rare Japanese Photo & Graphics Quarterly—3 Issues—Complete Set!)

  • Plus SIGNED books by Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Stephen Shore & much more! Don't forget: all books shown in the Post-Auction Sale Inventory are available at the low opening bid prices shown!

    Bids shown below are current as of 3:44 pm MT, 10.16.2013
    If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
    Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
    Lisetta Carmi: Il Travestiti (The Transvestites): Lisetta Carmi: Il Travestiti (The Transvestites) $1,095
    22h 15m
    Dag Alveng: Asylum: Dag Alveng: Asylum $865
    22h 25m
    Helmut Newton: White Women (SIGNED): Helmut Newton: White Women (SIGNED) $795
    22h 30m
    Trent Parke: Dream/Life: Trent Parke: Dream/Life $895
    22h 35m
     	Ken Magazine (Rare Japanese Photo & Graphics Quarterly--3 Issues--Complete Set!): Ken Magazine (Rare Japanese Photo & Graphics Quarterly--3 Issues--Complete Set!) $995
    22h 40m
    Irving Penn: Worlds in a Small Room (SIGNED): Irving Penn: Worlds in a Small Room (SIGNED) $195
    22h 45m
     	Stephen Shore: The Nature of Photographs (Hardbound 1st Edition)--SIGNED: Stephen Shore: The Nature of Photographs (Hardbound 1st Edition)--SIGNED $395
    22h 50m
    Arthur Omar: Antropologia Da Face Gloriosa (Anthropology of the Glorious Face): Arthur Omar: Antropologia Da Face Gloriosa (Anthropology of the Glorious Face) $195
    22h 55m
    Josef Koudelka: Animals (SIGNED, Limited Edition Portfolio of 18 Héliogravures): Josef Koudelka: Animals (SIGNED, Limited Edition Portfolio of 18 Héliogravures) $1,095
    23h 0m
     	Josef Koudelka: Invasion. Prague '68 (SIGNED): Josef Koudelka: Invasion. Prague '68 (SIGNED) $275
    23h 5m
    Ellen Von Unwerth: Revenge (Deluxe Limited Edition with Print!): Ellen Von Unwerth: Revenge (Deluxe Limited Edition with Print!) $395
    23h 10m
    Jan Saudek: The World of Jan Saudek (SIGNED): Jan Saudek: The World of Jan Saudek (SIGNED) $95
    23h 15m
     	Richard Avedon: Avedon at Work: In the American West (SIGNED by Avedon): Richard Avedon: Avedon at Work: In the American West (SIGNED by Avedon) $210
    23h 20m
     	Erwin Blumenfeld: Meine 100 Besten Fotos: Erwin Blumenfeld: Meine 100 Besten Fotos $95
    23h 20m
    Matthew Barney: The Cremaster Cycle: Matthew Barney: The Cremaster Cycle $95
    23h 25m
    Clark/Araki: Cuerpos, memorias: Nobuyoshi Araki, Larry Clark: fotografías (SIGNED by Clark): Clark/Araki: Cuerpos, memorias: Nobuyoshi Araki, Larry Clark: fotografías (SIGNED by Clark) $225
    23h 30m
     Santa Fe Events

    Colombian visual artist, Erika Diettes, will be showcasing her internationally-recognized work, Sudarios, in Santa Fe, NM for one week only, October 18–October 24, 2013. The public is invited to attend the opening on Friday, October 18 from 5-8:30pm at the IHM Retreat Center Chapel, 50 Mt Carmel Rd, Santa Fe, NM. Diettes will present an artist talk at 7:30pm.

    On Wednesday, October 23rd, from 6:30-8:00pm, CENTER presents: Artists Labs Presentations & Discussion with artists Erika Diettes, Romy Eijckmans, Vidisha Saini and Sophia Wallace. This event will take place at the IHM Retreat Center, 50 Mt Carmel Rd, Santa Fe, NM.

    Read more about the exhibit and CENTER Artist Labs here. Can't make it to the opening or panel discussion? Order a copy of Erika Diettes' self-published monograph, Sudarios.

    Also this week: Thursday, October 17th, 6:00pm, Tipton Hall (SFUAD campus)
    Christina Kahlo: Time Under Mexico's Light. Christina will speak about her grandfather, Guillermo Kahlo, his career, his circle of photographer friends and their influence on early 20th Century photography in Mexico. Reception immediately follows in the Marion Center. In collaboration with the exhibition: Five Photographers from Mexico currently on exhibit in the Marion Center.

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