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 Book of the Week: A Pick by Colin Pantall

Book of the Week: A Pick by Colin Pantall
We Make the Path by Walking by Paul Gaffney

"This is a book of quiet landscapes but they emerge from a more complex place; Gaffney's relationship with the land, with photography and with himself. The title is perfect. It's a book of paths made by walking. In this case the walking is by Gaffney's feet and is both meditative and obsessive. He walked over 3,500 kilometers to make the pictures in the book, which ends up being a mapping of the land he walked upon, the mindset he walked with and, because mapping is such an integral part of photography, a social history of photography." — Colin Pantall

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Colin Pantall is a UK-based writer, photographer and Senior Lecturer at the University of South Wales, Newport.
 Interview with the Artist
Interview with Erika Diettes

"Colombian photographer Erika Diettes' work is about bearing witness and reconciling memory. She has photographed survivors of Nazi concentration camps who escaped death to find a new home in her native country and allowed those sitters to express thoughts regarding their journeys. Many expressed the desire to not let this happen again and thus they participate in recalling harsh memories from the past. Diettes' later projects, Rio Abajo (Drifting Away) and Sudarios symbolically represent those killed in the long-running armed conflict in Colombia with, respectively, the clothing of the disappeared floating in water and the closely-cropped faces of women who witnessed autrocities first-hand, often the death of a beloved family member... Erika Diettes is an artist-in-residence for CENTER's Artist Labs and on the occasion of her exhibition at the chapel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Retreat Center, home of CENTER offices, I welcomed the opportunity to visit with Diettes during the installation of the show and talk with her about her work." — Melanie McWhorter

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of Melanie McWhorter's interview with Erika Diettes on photo-eye Blog

Also tonight, Wednesday, October 23rd, from 6:30-8:00pm, CENTER presents: Artists Labs Presentations & Discussion with artists Erika Diettes, Romy Eijckmans, Vidisha Saini and Sophia Wallace. This event will take place at the IHM Retreat Center, 50 Mt Carmel Rd, Santa Fe, NM.

Read more about the exhibit and CENTER Artist Labs here. Can't make it to the opening or panel discussion? Order a copy of Erika Diettes' self-published monograph, Sudarios.
 photo-eye Book Reviews

David Campany: Gasoline

"Gasoline consumes us as much as we consume it. As we race forward and pass peak oil, the iconic and ubiquitous gas stations that litter the US landscape serve as a glaring reminder of our increasingly dangerous addiction. Through their association to cars, gas stations and gas signify freedom, the possibility of reinvention and the romance of the road. Perhaps they are just an inconvenient stop on the way somewhere else. In the early 21st century, they are also a reminder of our own exhaustion. We've painted our self in the corner. What was once cheap and inexhaustible is nearing its end and killing us in the process. In Gasoline, David Campany gathers thirty-five archival press photographs from the mid-40s to the mid-90s that depict the humble gas, gas station and the surrounding landscape." — from Adam Bell's review of Gasoline by David Campany

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Rafal Milach: 7 Rooms

"7 Rooms presents the reader with seven different people's perspectives on contemporary life in Russia. These are seven windows into seven different interior lives; the theme that runs through all of them is the adjustment between a communist USSR and a democratic Russia. The views in the book are all provided by people who spent their childhoods in a communist milieu where they learned to prepare for a communist future. Their parents and neighbors and grandparents knew the Soviet system but after the collapse of the government these parental figures struggled to embrace a new post-Soviet life, a 'free' life." — from Christopher J. Johnson's review of 7 Rooms by Rafal Milach

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 photo-eye Bookstore Events

Patricia Galagan: The Green Fuse

Where: photo-eye Bookstore, 370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM
When: Now through November 4, 2013

The Green Fuse, photographs by Patricia Galagan will be on display through November 4, 2013 in our Bookstore located at 370 Garcia Street, Santa Fe. We have signed copies of Galagan's exhibition catalogue The Green Fuse.

The Green Fuse project documents the visual and biological transformation of a forest in the days, months, and years following a major wildfire. These photographs confirm that although a wildfire reduces trees to standing charcoal and the ground to ash, the cycle of nature resumes with new green growth as soon as there is moisture.

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Patricia Galagan's archival pigment prints start at $350. To view more images or inquire about purchasing prints, please email Melanie McWhorter.
 photo-eye Auctions
This week's auction listings range far and wide historically, from the iconic Modernism of Constantin Brancusi and Aenne Biermann to the holy grail that is Robert Frank's The Americans (1st Grove Press Edition!). For connoisseurs of figural work, Martin Munkacsi's Nudes plus a sweet SIGNED copy of André Kertész's Distortions. Also on the block, Margaret Bourke White & Erskine Caldwell's 941 'post FSA' classic, Say, Is this the U.S.A (the hardbound first edition in the scarce dust jacket!); Ed Van Der Elsken's Love on the Left Bank (1st U.K. Edition); Fina Torres' searing account of the 1973 Chilean coup, Neruda: Entierro Y Testamento & much more!

  • André Kertész: Distortions (INSCRIBED!)
  • Constantin Brancusi (Little Review, 1921—Important Modernist Journal)
  • Aenne Biermann : 60 Fotos
  • Robert Frank: The Americans (1st Grove Press Edition!)

  • Bids shown below are current as of 3:34 pm MT, 10.23.2013
    If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
    Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
    André Kertész: Distortions (INSCRIBED!): André Kertész: Distortions (INSCRIBED!) $995
    22h 30m
    Martin Munkacsi: Nudes (In Dust Jacket): Martin Munkacsi: Nudes (In Dust Jacket) $295
    22h 35m
    Margaret Bourke-White: Say, Is this the U.S.A (Hardbound First Edition in Dust Jacket): Margaret Bourke-White: Say, Is this the U.S.A (Hardbound First Edition in Dust Jacket) $595
    22h 40m
    Brassaï (1968 Museum of Modern Art Catalogue)--INSCRIBED: Brassaï (1968 Museum of Modern Art Catalogue)--INSCRIBED $295
    22h 45m
    Robert Frank: The Americans (1st Grove Press Edition!) : Robert Frank: The Americans (1st Grove Press Edition!) $2,995
    22h 50m
    Richard Prince: Naked Nurses + Inside World: Richard Prince: Naked Nurses + Inside World $295
    22h 50m
    Robert Frank (3 Rare Catalogues): Robert Frank (3 Rare Catalogues) $265
    22h 55m
    Ed Van Der Elsken: Love on the Left Bank (1st U.K. Edition): Ed Van Der Elsken: Love on the Left Bank (1st U.K. Edition) $495
    23h 0m
    Glen Luchford (2009 Steidldangin monograph) : Glen Luchford (2009 Steidldangin monograph) $425
    23h 5m
    Bill Burke: I Want to Take Picture (First Edition): Bill Burke: I Want to Take Picture (First Edition) $395
    23h 10m
    Fina Torres: Neruda:Entierro Y Testamento: Fina Torres: Neruda:Entierro Y Testamento $245
    23h 15m
    Andreas Gursky: Montparnasse   : Andreas Gursky: Montparnasse $1,995
    23h 20m
    Constantin Brancusi (Little Review, 1921--Important Modernist Journal): Constantin Brancusi (Little Review, 1921--Important Modernist Journal) $195
    23h 25m
    Lee Friedlander (Museum of Modern Art Retrospective Catalogue--SIGNED!): Lee Friedlander (Museum of Modern Art Retrospective Catalogue--SIGNED!) $275
    23h 30m
     	Aenne Biermann : 60 Fotos: Aenne Biermann : 60 Fotos $595
    23h 35m
    Ikko Kagari: Chikan Rush: Ikko Kagari: Chikan Rush $245
    23h 45m

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