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 Book of the Week: A Pick by Manik Katyal

Book of the Week: A Pick by Manik Katyal
Vanishing Existence by Kosuke Okahara

"Vanishing Existence is a self-published book by Japanese photographer Kosuke Okahara — a forty page limited edition of 100 copies. The book is carefully designed. Kosuke selected traditional Japanese paper and incorporated an ancient binding technique to give the atmosphere of Chinese paleography. It is a beautiful handmade book about China's forgotten leprosy colonies. Okahara's strong visual imagery is complimented by the writing of his travel companion Takeshi Nishio who accompanied Kosuke to the far corners of rural China." —Manik Katyal

The trade edition is now out-of-print. Please email us to be notified when the limited edition is available.

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Manik Katyal is the Founder, Curator, Photo Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Emaho Magazine — an online publication that aims to put forward emerging artists by organizing international exhibitions and workshops. Katyal is a journalist who has interviewed some of the world's renowned photographers. He was nominated for the 'Creative Entrepreneur of 2012' award by the British Council.
 Photographer's Showcase
Portfolio & Interview: Tony Chirinos' Fighting Cocks

"We are pleased to announce a portfolio of images from Tony Chirinos. Titled Fighting Cocks, Chirinos' photographs give a glimpse into a cockfighting community on the island of San Andres, Colombia. Through his special use of flash, Chirinos is able to render his subjects with a startling dimensionality. The photographs of the cocks are especially eerie, their plucked legs and confrontational stances make them appear as fierce creatures, more closely resembling images of dinosaurs than fat and docile backyard hens. Chirinos? images bring us to the fights, though the photographs are never graphic; the fighting itself is clearly not what Chirinos finds compelling. While the images center on the birds, the men who own them are always on the periphery, creating a unique tension where the birds become reflections of something bigger, the culture that breeds them, the men who hold the sport in high esteem." —Sarah Bradley Read the interview with Tony Chirinos on photo-eye Blog

View the portfolio on Photographer's Showcase

For more information or to purchase a print please contact photo-eye Gallery at 505-988-5158 x121 or gallery@photoeye.com.
 photo-eye Auctions
This week's stellar selection of auction books includes a signed copy of one of our very favorite Japanese titles, Kineo Kuwabara's influential Tokyo 1936, an achingly nostalgic look back at Tokyo in the 1930s; the gorgeous Da Capo Press facsimile edition of Fox-Talbot's The Pencil of Nature; the gonzo 1995 re-issue of William Klein's New York. 1954.55 (also signed) and much more!

With his four year old at home sick all week, Eric is saving the opining for next week, but do check out the slideshow below, which contains images from most of this week's selections.

Bids shown below are current as of 1:50 pm MT, 10.30.2013
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
Irving Penn: Flowers (SIGNED): Irving Penn: Flowers (SIGNED) $495
1d 0h 9m
Lisetta Carmi: Il Travestiti (The Transvestites): Lisetta Carmi: Il Travestiti (The Transvestites) $1,095
1d 0h 14m
Piero Steinle & Julian Rosefeldt: Paris. Les cathedrales inconnues: Piero Steinle & Julian Rosefeldt: Paris. Les cathedrales inconnues $195
1d 0h 19m
Masaya Nakamura: Ema Nude in Africa (SIGNED): Masaya Nakamura: Ema Nude in Africa (SIGNED) $275
1d 0h 29m
Kineo Kuwabara: Tokyo 1936 (SIGNED): Kineo Kuwabara: Tokyo 1936 (SIGNED) $550
1d 0h 34m
 William Klein: New York. 1954.55 (SIGNED): William Klein: New York. 1954.55 (SIGNED) $435
1d 0h 39m
David Hockney: Camera Works: David Hockney: Camera Works $195
1d 0h 44m
Lucien Clergue: Toros Muertos: Lucien Clergue: Toros Muertos $195
1d 0h 49m
Robert Frank (with Jack Kerouac and Alfred Leslie): Pull My Daisy + Zero Mostel Reads a Book : Robert Frank (with Jack Kerouac and Alfred Leslie): Pull My Daisy + Zero Mostel Reads a Book $325
1d 0h 54m
Keizo Kitajima: Shashin Tokkyubin Tokyo (Photomail from Tokyo) : Keizo Kitajima: Shashin Tokkyubin Tokyo (Photomail from Tokyo) $465
1d 0h 59m
Richard Avedon: Made in France : Richard Avedon: Made in France $465
1d 1h 4m
Jaromír Funke, Fotografie.: Jaromír Funke, Fotografie. $195
1d 1h 9m
William Henry Fox Talbot: The Pencil of Nature (Da Capo Edition): William Henry Fox Talbot: The Pencil of Nature (Da Capo Edition) $125
1d 1h 14m
Bill Brandt: Shadow of Light: Bill Brandt: Shadow of Light $295
1d 1h 19m
Lewis Hine (Samuel P. Orth): Our Foreigners + The Armies of Labor (in Rare Dust Jackets): Lewis Hine (Samuel P. Orth): Our Foreigners + The Armies of Labor (in Rare Dust Jackets) $195
1d 1h 24m
 Disfarmer: The Heber Springs Portraits, 1939-1946 : Disfarmer: The Heber Springs Portraits, 1939-1946 $395
1d 1h 29m
 photo-eye Book Reviews

Teresa Eng: Speaking of Scars

"Photography is particularly ill equipped to visualize the ineffable or to address what can't be easily expressed in words. Bound to its indexical nature, photographs are frustratingly tethered to their subject matter. Yet this limitation and challenge makes photography a particularly rich medium. The tension between the actual and suggested meanings of an image is often key to its power. Because of its frequently obtuse nature, photographers often lazily use keywords like 'memory' and 'trauma' to impart significance to images and work that is not resolved. However, in skilled hands, a photograph can deal with these subjects. Teresa Eng's Speaking of Scars attempts to address a personal trauma and its lingering presence within her memory. Through inventive design and subtly suggestive images, Eng's book avoids these pitfalls and, by leading us through her therapeutic process, achieves a beauty and power all its own." — from Adam Bell's review of Speaking of Scars by Teresa Eng

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Pepa Hristova: Sworn Virgins

"Thanks to blood feuds over still-sacrosanct ancient laws and an imposing geographical isolation, there are fewer men than there used to be in the Accursed Mountains of northern Albania. Where a patrilineal culture is undermined, a most extraordinary tradition has emerged. In the absence of a male head of household, women subsequently known as 'Burrnesha,' or 'sworn virgins,' choose or are chosen to take a vow of chastity and live as men. As it is surely not an antidote to a diminishing bloodline, this role rather provides a certain foothold in the family legacy, allowing these women-men to be land owners and bread winners where there were otherwise none. Pepa Hristova has both created and collected their portraits in Sworn Virgins." — from Karen Jenkins' review of Sworn Virgins by Pepa Hristova

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 Signed Books
Signed In-Stock Books

A Possible Life by Ben Krewinkel
The beautifully crafted and layered A Possible Life uses photographs, letters, conversations and documents to investigate the life of Nigeria immigrant who has lived in the Netherlands for ten years, though the identity of the man called Gualbert remains at least partially hidden because of his status as an illegal alien. Selected as one of the Best Books of 2012.

Another beautifully designed book where the pages need to be cut for the full perspective to be seen. It's an old trick, but wonderfully done. Thanks to the great design, this is a book where the whole forms substantially more than the parts. — Colin Pantall

Singular Beauty by Cara Phillips
Presented in a clean white box, the wonderfully designed Singular Beauty by Cara Phillips peers into the doctor's offices, operating rooms and at the strange devices of the cosmetic surgery. Phillip's perfectly composed photographs show spaces that are not just a medical sterility, but also cold and lifeless, devoid of human presence. Selected as one of the Best Books of 2012.

View the video presentation by Melanie McWhorter

The Line by Palindromo Meszaros
The cover photograph of The Line by Palindromo Meszaros is an image that is difficult to forget — red mud covers the bottom of trees, the line matching up perfectly with the horizon. It's an impossible looking image, one that can take a few seconds to make sense of, and is a perfect encapsulating image to describe the terrible disaster that lead to its creation. On October 4th 2010, a retaining wall of a reservoir containing waste water from the MAL aluminum company burst, flooding the town of Ajka, Hungary will a million cubic meters of toxic waste. Causing ten causalities, poisoning fields and creating irreparable damage to homes and infrastructure, Meszaros photographed Ajka six months later. While the water had long-since receded, its presence remains — every part of the landscape is stained with a red line from the toxic water that filled the landscape.

View the video presentation by Erin Azouz

Read more about these signed, in-stock books on photo-eye Blog
 Santa Fe Events
It's Modern: The Eye and Visual Influence of Alexander Liberman
Author Reception and Book Signing with Charles Churchward

Where: Moss Outdoor, 530 South Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, NM
When: Wednesday, November 7th from 6-8 pm

photo-eye Books and Moss Outdoor are pleased to host an author reception and book signing for Charles Churchward on the occasion of his publication It's Modern: The Eye and Visual Influence of Alexander Liberman, published by Rizzoli. The event will take place on Wednesday, November 7th, at Moss Outdoor in the Santa Fe Railyard, 530 South Guadalupe Street from 6-8pm. Books will be available for purchase, provided by photo-eye Books. For more info on the event, contact Melanie McWhorter at 505.988.5152 x112 or Gloria Moss at 505.983.7300.

Can't make it to the signing? Purchase a copy of the book here. We will also have a few copies of The Golden Hour.

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