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 Book of the Week: A Pick by Yoko Sawada
Book of the Week: A Pick by Yoko Sawada
Shrove Tuesday by Keijiro Kai

"I wondered what these men are doing. Are they the scenes of a riot or a kind of protest movement? Even so, against what? Against who? Although really not knowing about the background story, I was attracted to these photographs for some reason. Throughout the book, I can see how madly excited all the men are, and perhaps the man with the camera was no exception. Shrove Tuesday is the first photobook self-published by Keijiro Kai (b. 1974) from Japan. Kai, who had experience in working for sports magazines, had learned from a book about an annual event in England which preserves the origins of the game of football. He traveled to Ashbourne in Derbyshire to take photographs of this amazing game. Over two days in winter, on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, the people flock to this small town for 'Shrovetide Football Match.' There are only a few rules such as, 'committing murder is prohibited,' and 'cemeteries, churchyards are out of bounds.' It is played by two teams and all the players fight over one ball together. However, Kai's photographs do not show us the ball. Here lies the key to the success of this photobook. For the scenes without the ball remind us of the more energetic, yet primitive nature of human activities prior to the establishment of the modern concept of 'sports.' The pure movements of human bodies are revealed in the photographs of men who simply run, bump, shout and brace, just like animals pursuing their prey with passionate instincts. The farcically serious looks on each player's face are so dignified, as though cutting through the pressures and stress of contemporary society." — Yoko Sawada

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Yoko Sawada runs Osiris, a publishing house for photography based in Tokyo representing several Japanese photographers, including Takuma Nakahira, Osamu Kanemura and Asako Narahashi, as well as working on events and projects in collaboration with domestic and overseas institutions. www.osiris.co.jp
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Sylvie Aubenas & Quentin Bajac: Brassaï: Paris Nocturne

"Brassaï: Paris Nocturne finds plenty of material, enough for a nice thick volume. Pulling chiefly from Paris de Nuit and the later Secret Paris of the '30s (Brassaï's first and last books) co-authors Sylvie Abenas and Quentin Bajac examine Brassaï's early career and achievements from a variety of perspectives. The original Paris photographs are the main highlights, but the book is full of interesting ephemera including scrapbook clippings, mockups, magazine spreads, and other archival material. Tying it all together are three great essays on Brassaï." — from Blake Andrews' review of Brassaï: Paris Nocturne by Sylvie Aubenas & Quentin Bajac

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Christopher Anderson: Son

"Having a son and being a son are two different things. Christopher Anderson wades into these murky familial waters with his book Son. The pictures are about relationships, complex, loving, strained and unknown. Through pictures of his wife and son, and his father fighting illness, Anderson creates what he describes visual declarations of love. Anderson, one of his generation's most prolific and awarded documentary photographers, uses all of his talent on the quiet intimate moments of his life." — from Tom Leininger's review of Son by Christopher Anderson

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 Interview with the Artist
Interview with Jordan Baumgarten on Briar Patch

"Briar Patch is a visual exploration of West Philadelphia today, punctuated by intimate and loving exchanges between photographer Jordan Baumgarten and his fiancée, Anne. In an effort to acclimate to their new city post-college, Baumgarten began photographing his Philadelphia neighborhood while simultaneously photographing the tender moments shared between him and his fiancée in their first home. What emerged was a strange and complex symbiotic relationship between the grisly, violent West Philadelphia neighborhood and the loving kindness shared between the couple within the comforts of their own home... I asked Jordan to talk about Briar Patch and it's fascinating evolution from a blog to the hardbound book, published by Parts & Labor." — Erin Azouz

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 In-Stock Books
In-Stock Books

A Period of Juvenile Prosperity by Mike Brodie
"The beautiful and romantic photographs of natty, if dirty, young vagabond train hoppers — cultural outsiders living a life of freedom most dare only fantasize about — are captivating. As is Brodie himself. He hasn't simply documented the strange and lovely creatures of this life; he's one of them — thus providing the authenticity the art world often craves." —from the review by Sarah Bradley

Mazé by Céline Clanet
"Céline Clanet's book Mazé contains a set of photographs made among the Sami culture in Northern Norway, at the outer edge of Europe. She is not from there, but managed to ensconce herself enough among the locals that the images have a ring of authenticity. And they are lovely, to be sure... I've seen documentary films and TV travel shows that have visited this place before, so it was not entirely unfamiliar to me. Yet the quality of the photographs and the poetic use of symbols enabled me to enter into a different world as I turned the pages of the book." — from the review by Jonathan Blaustein

The Animals Are Outside Today by Colleen Plumb
"For the past fourteen years Plumb has turned her lens not only on living animals but also on those which are (among other things) dead, stuffed, painted, drawn, plucked, slaughtered, roasted, euthanized, and caged, all of which appear in this book... Whether behind fences, in a bag or a box, a frame or a jar, many of these animals are separated from humans by a literal divide." — from the review by Ellen Rennard

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 photo-eye Gallery - Events
Retracing Audubon Slide Talk at photo-eye Wednesday, November 20th at 6pm

Where: photo-eye, 376 Garcia Street, Suite A Santa Fe, NM
When: Wednesday, November 20th 6-8pm
Contact: Melanie McWhorter or Krista Elrick
Phone: 505.988.5152 x 112, 505.438.4441
Email: melanie@photoeye.com, photographs@KristaElrick.com

SANTA FE, NM — photo-eye is pleased to announce that photographer Krista Elrick will give a slide talk about Retracing Audubon, a project that is reexamining John James Audubon's epic journey. Inspired by his pre-civil war writings, Elrick's landscapes document the eco-systems described in The Birds of America.
 photo-eye Auctions
As the great (very) English punk band The Fall once sang, "The three R's: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition." We are on a bit of a 'typological' excursion this week, with the stellar Checked Baggage. 3264 Prohibited Items (Complete with Prohibited Object!); the exuberantly obsessive collection Waterfall Rapture by the brilliant Japanese polymath Tadanori Yokoo and Andreas Magdanz's eerie Strangelovian collections BND-Standort Pullach (SIGNED) + Dienststelle Marienthal.

Bids shown below are current as of 5:12 pm MT, 11.13.2013
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
 	Christien Meindertsma: Checked Baggage. 3264 Prohibited Items (Complete with Prohibited Object): Christien Meindertsma: Checked Baggage. 3264 Prohibited Items (Complete with Prohibited Object) $995
20h 57m
Roni Horn: Arctic Circles (Ísland: To Place, vol. 7): Roni Horn: Arctic Circles (Ísland: To Place, vol. 7) $295
21h 7m
Todd Hido: House Hunting: Todd Hido: House Hunting $295
21h 12m
Susan Meiselas: Nicaragua (First Edition, SIGNED): Susan Meiselas: Nicaragua (First Edition, SIGNED) $235
21h 17m
 	Tadanori Yokoo: Waterfall Rapture (with Obi!!): Tadanori Yokoo: Waterfall Rapture (with Obi!!) $295
21h 22m
Andreas Magdanz: BND-Standort Pullach (SIGNED) + Dienststelle Marienthal: Andreas Magdanz: BND-Standort Pullach (SIGNED) + Dienststelle Marienthal $395
21h 27m
David Bailey: Archive One. 1957-1969.(SIGNED): David Bailey: Archive One. 1957-1969.(SIGNED) $195
21h 32m
 	Helen Levitt: A Way of Seeing (Hardbound 1st Edition): Helen Levitt: A Way of Seeing (Hardbound 1st Edition) $995
21h 32m
William Eggleston: 5x7 (SIGNED): William Eggleston: 5x7 (SIGNED) $195
21h 37m
Lee Friedlander: Nudes (SIGNED): Lee Friedlander: Nudes (SIGNED) $165
21h 42m
 	Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Exposed (1995 monograph): Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Exposed (1995 monograph) $195
21h 47m
 	Sebastião Salgado: Sahel--The End of the Road (SIGNED): Sebastião Salgado: Sahel--The End of the Road (SIGNED) $175
21h 52m
 	Sebastião Salgado: Migrations (Hardbound, SIGNED): Sebastião Salgado: Migrations (Hardbound, SIGNED) $295
21h 57m
Walker Evans: Many Are Called : Walker Evans: Many Are Called $495
7d 21h 47m
Josef Koudelka: Reconaissance Wales : Josef Koudelka: Reconaissance Wales $395
7d 21h 52m
Hans Aarsman	Hollandse Taferelen [Dutch Tableaux]: Hans Aarsman Hollandse Taferelen [Dutch Tableaux] $195
7d 22h 2m
Pieter Hugo: Nollywood (Limited Edition with Print): Pieter Hugo: Nollywood (Limited Edition with Print) $395
7d 22h 2m

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