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 Book of the Week: A Pick by Carolyn Drake

Book of the Week: A Pick by Carolyn Drake
Cut Shaving by Jaap Scheeren

"It can be hard to avoid feeling trapped by familiar visual tropes when undertaking a new body of work. Over the last few months, I have often turned to Jaap Scheeren's book Cut Shaving to ponder the range of possibilities that photography can offer. The book reminds me that it is not photography that places limits on the meanings of things, but the pathways in our brains."

"Scheeren's work may resist interpretation, but it doesnt resist accessibility. The first image inside the book shows a stark white cabinet that looks like its about to burst open from the pressure of the colorful balloons inside. The next image shows the artist struggling awkwardly to keep the balloons inside the cabinet, whose doors are now wide open. An apt metaphor for his imagination, which leaps out of the book, seemingly uncensored, from one series to the next, with humor, surprise, and grittiness. (If the balloon symbolism seems more clear here, thats fine. Scheerens world doesnt dodge contradictions.)" —Carolyn Drake

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Carolyn Drake is a photographer based in Mississippi, USA. Her first book, Two Rivers, was self-published in 2013. carolyndrake.com
 photo-eye Photographer's Showcase
Photographer's Showcase: Alan Friedman's Into the Light

photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce the release of new images from Alan Friedman, Into the Light.

"Shooting the sun involves some planning and special equipment — a telescope, a safe filter that only allows a tiny portion of the sun's energy to reach the camera. The cameras I use are very different too. Taking close-up portraits of a very distant subject through the earth's atmosphere is a special challenge. Heat currents and high level atmospheric turbulence distort the view like a stone thrown into a peaceful pond." —Alan Friedman

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 photo-eye Gallery
Photo Objects & Small Prints: Julia Barello & Chris McCaw

In addition to the many unique photographic pieces in our current exhibition, Photo Objects & Small Prints, we also teamed up with Mary Anne Redding to present REDD: a pop-up jewelry installation featuring the work of Julia Barello and Rachelle Thiewes. We asked Thiewes to speak about her work last week, which you can read here. This week, I've asked Mary Anne Redding to contribute her thoughts on Barello's work. I've also asked Chris McCaw to discuss his Sunburn series. Read the previous posts on our Photo Objects & Small Prints show here.

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 photo-eye Book Reviews

Fazal Sheikh: Ether

"The relationship between two of life's certainties, death and sleep, is closer than we might realize. That's the conceit of Fazal Sheikh's recent book Ether, a collection of photographs made while walking at night in Benares, India. Most depict sleeping humans. The rest relate to death in some way. And in many photos the line is blurred. Sleep and death sometimes appear indistinguishable, even from just a few feet away... The photos are in no way heavy-handed or agenda-ridden. Instead they are quiet and subdued and get their message across almost by subterfuge." — from Blake Andrews' review of Ether by Fazal Sheikh

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Manabu Miyazaki: The Pencil of Nature

"The cover of Manabu Miyazaki's The Pencil of Nature pictures a black bear clutching the legs of a tripod, standing on leaf litter and surrounded by blackness, it presses its mouth to the camera shutter release. It's an astonishing photograph; the bear is so perfectly positioned that the image seems without question staged, a trained animal photographed in carefully managed conditions. While the placement and positioning of the cameras were carefully arranged, the bear itself is wild. Miyazaki has been shooting wildlife for over 40 years, gradually honing his technique through meticulous observation and trial and error, eventually learning that he achieved better results when he wasnt waiting behind the camera. Like most of the images in the book, the bear photograph was made using an unmanned camera. Miyazaki noted he would often recover the cameras he left in the woods with bite marks and scratches, at times torn from their anchors, so he set up two opposite each other." — from Sarah Bradley's review of The Pencil of Nature by Manabu Miyazaki

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Asako Narahashi: Ever After

"In Ever After, Asako Narahashi has gathered a taut, disquieting collection of photographs made while floating in the sea or other waters, her primary practice since 2001. Beneath its slip cover is an elegant book with lush paper and a tipped-in cover image of a flatten plane of sparking sea and barren slope. The photographs that follow are variations on the theme in fresh combinations of water and land — looks in toward the shore, in which scale and distance are nebulous measures. There's little here to tie Narahashi's work to sea — or landscape traditions — beyond the novelty of her shore-ward gaze, she eschews both strict technical control and expected formal devices. Aside from one image that nods to the crisp classical with a mirrored inversion of snowy mountains in the waters reflection, she finds her beauty in ambiguity — tapping into an elemental magic that recalls the pinhole or camera obscura. Water is many things here — liquid and solid; a glistening, faceted band and dull, thick mass." — from Karen Jenkins' review of Ever After by Asako Narahashi

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 Nudes/Human Form Newsletter
Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Vol. 6

Anatomy by Malerie Marder blurs the line between documentary and fine art photography in this exquisite photobook. Spanning six years, Marder's thirty-seven color photographs of prostitutes in the Netherlands command our attention  often posing on beds, in the nude or barely clothed, the collection of photographs evaporates our moral judgments as the women seeringly look into the camera, gazing back at the viewer.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor by Jim French includes over 100 color and black & white photographs of the male form made in the 1960s. Ranging from erotic and explicit to vulnerable and coy, the men in French's photographs outline the diversity of contemporary masculinity and male beauty.

Male Dancers Wanted provides a rare glimpse into a New York strip club in 1976. Photographer Gilles Bonnecarrere captured the on-and-off-stage personas of the male dancers, allowing the photographs to become portraits of intimacy and distance. Sentimental exchanges between the dancers backstage provide an engaging and personal look behind the curtain.

photo-eye's Nudes/Human Form Newsletter features books that explore the human form in a variety of ways. Past editions can be found here.

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 Art Photo Index
Featured Artist: David Ondrik

"Get a microwave. Get something that emits light when it's microwaved. Put it on some gelatin silver photo paper. Put it in the microwave. Voila!" —David Ondrik
 photo-eye Auctions
On the photo-eye Auction block this week, we lead off with a rare signed first edition of Yasuhiro Ishimoto's Chicago, Chicago — truly one of the great city books of all time! Plus, it's a Friedlander extravaganza: we've got signed copies of the classics The American Monument and Flowers and Trees; a super crisp copy of Factory Valleys; the huge 2005 MoMA catalogue; plus the hard-to-find Recent Western Landscapes.

Bids shown below are current as of 1:46 pm MT, 01.22.2014
If you have auction items (valued at $250 or more) to consign, please e-mail us.
Auction Item High/Opening Bid Time Left  
Flor Garduño: Agua, Mexico, 1983: Flor Garduño: Agua, Mexico, 1983 $970
1d 0h 13m
Valerio Spada: Gomorrah Girl (SIGNED, First Printing!): Valerio Spada: Gomorrah Girl (SIGNED, First Printing!) $345
1d 0h 18m
 	Andrew Roth (ed.): The Book of 101 Books: Andrew Roth (ed.): The Book of 101 Books $295
1d 0h 23m
Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Chicago, Chicago (1st edition!)--SIGNED: Yasuhiro Ishimoto: Chicago, Chicago (1st edition!)--SIGNED $1,995
1d 0h 28m
Josef Koudelka: Limestone : Josef Koudelka: Limestone $795
1d 0h 33m
 	Jitka Hanzlová: Forest: Jitka Hanzlová: Forest $395
1d 0h 38m
Lee Friedlander: The American Monument (SIGNED) + 2 Related Others: Lee Friedlander: The American Monument (SIGNED) + 2 Related Others $995
1d 0h 43m
Lee Friedlander: Recent Western Landscapes (SIGNED) : Lee Friedlander: Recent Western Landscapes (SIGNED) $395
1d 0h 48m
Lee Friedlander: Factory Valleys (Hardbound Ed., SIGNED) : Lee Friedlander: Factory Valleys (Hardbound Ed., SIGNED) $695
1d 0h 53m
Lee Friedlander: Flowers and Trees (SIGNED) : Lee Friedlander: Flowers and Trees (SIGNED) $495
1d 0h 58m
Lee Friedlander (2005 MoMA Catalogue)--SIGNED: Lee Friedlander (2005 MoMA Catalogue)--SIGNED $295
1d 1h 8m
Sebastião Salgado: Autres Ameriques (SIGNED): Sebastião Salgado: Autres Ameriques (SIGNED) $195
1d 1h 13m
Stephen Shore: Hudson Valley (SIGNED, Limited Edition): Stephen Shore: Hudson Valley (SIGNED, Limited Edition) $395
1d 1h 23m
William Klein: Dance in Bensonhurst, NY, 1955 (From 'New York'): William Klein: Dance in Bensonhurst, NY, 1955 (From 'New York') $995
1d 1h 28m
William Klein: Picnic, Rome, 1956 (From 'Rome'): William Klein: Picnic, Rome, 1956 (From 'Rome') $895
1d 1h 33m
William Klein:Santorini, Greece, 1956: William Klein:Santorini, Greece, 1956 $795
1d 1h 38m

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