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p h o t o - e y e    E - N e w s
Thursday, November 8, 2001    Volume 1, No. 4

 P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S    S H O W C A S Esm
Image © by Holly Roberts
© Holly Roberts
Holly Roberts in our Photographer's Showcase Gallery
View Holly Roberts' new portfolio. She uses her own black-and-white photographs as the first layer of her painted imaginative images. In many instances, her original photographs are subtly visible beneath the gorgeous layers of oil paint.

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p h o t o - e y e    G A L L E R Y    -    S a n t a    F e
Image © Don Hong-Oai
© Don Hong-Oai
Don Hong-Oai
Beautiful photographic prints by Chinese artist Don Hong-Oai are now available at photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe! Don Hong-Oai blends multiple negatives to create timeless landscapes that echo the style and themes of traditional Chinese painting. His own calligraphy and signature stamps accentuate each image. You can contact the gallery at:

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S I G N E D   B O O K S
James Fee: 1993-2000 James Fee: 1993-2000
An essential new monograph on critically acclaimed photographer James Fee, who, during the course of the 90s, produced several large bodies of work, each of which is presented here.

Cat# PK631H Signed Copies $75.00

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D E E P    D I S C O U N T S
Huntington Witherill: Botanical Dances Huntington Witherill: Botanical Dances
Witherill's stunning botanical photographs are inventive, evocative, and charged with visual explorations. He places flowers, ferns and other plants, against backgrounds of drawn, painted and textured surfaces of paper and stone and photographs the results.

Cat# LQ013H Hardbound $65.00 Sale: $52.00 - Save 20%
Online Sale Price Expires Thursday, November 15th, 2001
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 J U S T    I N    &    R E C O M M E N D E D
Victor Schrager: Bird Hand Book Victor Schrager: Bird Hand Book
Over a period of five years, Victor Schrager has photographed numerous species of birds in a delightful, yet profoundly simple way. Bird Hand Book brims with gorgeous images of birds using a simple backdrop, their handlers' hands seen protruding through the background slit.

Cat# WG193H Hardbound $60.00 Online Price $48.00 - Save 20%
Online Sale Price Expires Thursday, November 15th, 2001.
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