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p h o t o - e y e    E - N e w s
Thursday, November 15, 2001    Volume 1, No. 5

 P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S    S H O W C A S Esm
Image © by Maggie Taylor
© Maggie Taylor
Seven New Artists in the Photographer's Showcase
Online Opening Today at! View great new portfolios of work by the following seven artists: Darryl Baird, Claudio Cambon, Jennifer Drucker, Frank Grisdale, Ariel Ruiz i Altaba, Maggie Taylor,and Hiroshi Watanabe.

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O U T  -  O F  -  P R I N T    B O O K S
Jock Sturges: Evolution of Grace
Evolution of Grace is a series of photographic portraits of nude families. This out-of-print book, published in Japan, is the rarest of all Sturges titles. As New, Signed.

Cat# ZB002H Out-of-Print Hardbound $750.00
Hurry! Limited quantities available of this out-of-print title.

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 J U S T    I N    &    R E C O M M E N D E D
Cornell Capa Cornell Capa
A consummate photojournalist, Cornell Capa, founder and director of the International Center of Photography in New York has worked for Life magazine during its heyday and is a member of the Magnum Agency. This clothbound exhibition catalogue presents a finely printed selection of his best work.

Cat# PK727H Hardbound $35.00 Online Price $28.00 - Save 20%
Online Sale Price Expires Friday, November 23rd, 2001.
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D E E P    D I S C O U N T S
Portfolio: Sante D'Orazio Portfolio: Sante D'Orazio
Helping to create the Supermodel image of the last decade, Sante d'Orazio's photographs have appeared in the fashion industry's best venues: Vogue, Elle, GQ, Playboy, and Interview. An excellent selection of this talented photographer's best known work

Cat# TY030S Softbound $19.95 Sale: $13.95 - Save 30%
Online Sale Price Expires Friday, November 23rd, 2001
Hurry! Limited quantities available at this price.

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p h o t o - e y e    G A L L E R Y    -    S a n t a    F e
Image © Terri Weifenbach
© Terri Weifenbach
Terri Weifenbach - Sold out image available!
Terri Weifenbach's photograph 16 April 1994 sold out quickly and is still highly sought after by collectors. Only 9 prints of this image were made, and number 2 of this edition is available through our photo-eye Santa Fe Gallery! Contact the gallery for further information about this beautiful print. Click here for direct access to this print.

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S I G N E D   B O O K S
Kenro Izu: Light Over Ancient Angkor Kenro Izu: Light Over Ancient Angkor
This catalogue reproduces Izu's sublime explorations of the ancient Cambodian city of Angkor Wat. These images, taken with Izu's custom 14x20 view camera and printed in platinum, are some of the artist's most spiritual, personal, and impressive works yet published.

Cat# ZB105S Softbound Signed Copies $40.00
Cat# ZB105H Hardbound Signed Copies $50.00

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