Luigi Fieni: The Room of 1000 Demons
Portfolio Introduction
This portfolio, realized in Nepal, paints photographically an old Tibetan Buddhist legend.

“Every hundred years Buddhist students could undergo a ceremony in order to attain enlightenment.

Those students had to pass a test consisting in walking through the room of a 1000 demons: an empty dark room guarded by 2 guardians.

Once inside, the 1000 demons would have taken the forms of the students’ worst fears, and the students should have fought them in order to walk through the room. If they had succeeded, they would have attained enlightenment.”

After I came to know about this wonderful story, I tried to imagine in photographs how the ceremony could have taken place. Then I thought of the guardians, the student who could have possibly attained enlightenment and all the fears, incarnated by the demons, he could have possibly overcome in order to exit from this terrifying room.

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