Dick Sanders: Faces On The Street
Portfolio Introduction
My Faces On The Street series is a continuation of my portrait work with strangers on the street. All of these portraits were made in the downtown sections of Los Angeles and San Diego between 2006 and 2008.

My method is to set up on a busy sidewalk and then ask passersby if they will stand for a portrait. Very few agree to participate. Those who do usually allow me just a minute or two. And there's the challenge. What can I draw out? What will they reveal? Always I am looking for emotional complexity and the suggestion of time beyond this one moment.

I love interacting with my subjects, and I am continually intrigued how some of them can reveal things very private, even painfully so. We all see interesting people every day. We may wonder about their lives and wish we could look more closely, something beyond a mere glance. But that would be rude, if not impossible. But here you have the opportunity for a close look. I hope you will see (or feel) what we all share in common.

Suggestion: hanging 3, 4, or 5 of these portraits in a row can create a very powerful photography experience. If you are interested in trying different combinations and sequences, I can provide 5x5 inch proofs of several images to help with your choice.

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