Rita Maas: At Home, Looking Outward
Portfolio Introduction
At Home, Looking Outward

This body of work consists of two distinct series, “Shades and Shadows” and “Skylight Views”.

These images were taken in my home, an intimate and familiar place to me. They take on temporal qualities of a slow, quiet nature as I observe their constantly shifting features. Shown in sequences, they reflect on the act of deliberately looking; creating a visual language of fragmented moments, layering the complexities of the human capacity to comprehend

In Shades and Shadows I have recorded the light and shadows cast on a window shade. The shade is an obstacle to viewing the outside as well as a theatrical screen or stage where light whispers and dances, momentarily revealing clues of what is hidden from our view. Ever changing in their appearance, yet remaining constant in their physicality; light, and time transforming the viewer’s experience. Each photograph is a suspended moment, continuous and fleeting. The space between each image represents a pause, a breath or a blink between each glance.

Skylight Views are observances seen through a skylight. They are, at first, spatially ambiguous until one grasps their unique perspective, evoking a somewhat uncomfortable or disorienting sensation; a visceral experience of suspended engagement of vision. The viewer is invited to look at and through the glass surface, observing the presence of time through the changing seasons and light.

Viewing each work becomes an experience relating to the viewers understanding of his own surroundings. These ephemeral images evoke the passage of time, seasons and weather. They heighten our sense of impermanence. The subject matter becomes the experience of seeing; common encounters in intimate and familiar places explore moments where content and meaning become inseparable.

“It was over as suddenly as it began” John Cheever

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