Ryan Zoghlin Statement

Artist Statement
Machines have always interested me--the mechanics of an old watch or chain on a bicycle. What they do seems simple, yet complex at the same time. They have beauty in their movement, as well as design.

This is the same sense that has attracted me to the airshow. The planes are so complex in terms of what is necessary mechanically to fly, though graphically what they do to entertain the spectators is simple--loops, spirals, etc.

My interest in creating the series was to focus on the graphic elements, to capture the temporary sculptural structure of the lines, the markings that draw so many to the event.

Process Statement
The Aerorone Images are captured using a Linhof 5x7 camera with a 360mm lens.

I have not found a “recipe” for this process. With some research I’ve gathered bits of information that helped me along the way…
Traditionally called orotones, goldtones, or Curt-tones, the images would have been made by printing a positive image onto a sheet of glass coated with a photosensitive emulsion. The image on the glass was then backed with a mixture of banana oils and gold bronzing powder.
23.5K gold powder is what I’ve added in exchange of the bronzing powder. The process of coating glass sheets with photographic emulsion, printing and processing the image and coating it with gold, is all done by hand.

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