Tom Chambers Statement

Artist Statement
With time, adolescents begin to abandon the natural, untamed state of childhood for the artificial pretenses of adulthood. After my own daughter's arrival at the complexities of her sixteenth milestone, this juxtaposition captured my attention.

In composing a variety of stark, woodland settings in contrast with a billowy dress or other man-made articles, I explore the dichotomy between what is natural and what is fabricated. Why do people costumed in formal dress seem so omnipotent on the street, yet so vulnerable in the wild? Each of these compositions explores a place where unexpected circumstances collide.

Process Statement
I build my images, starting with an idea and converting it to a sketch that I follow to create the final image.

I photograph the different parts of the final image separately with a medium format camera using transparency film. This film is scanned at a high resolution. The scans are seamlessly combined using Photoshop software on a Macintosh computer to create a file of the final image. The file is then printed onto watercolor paper using archival pigment inks.

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