Marina Edith Calvo Statement

Artist Statement
"La Realta' Surreale " combines two series:
"Le Metamorfosi di Eva" and " "L'Eta' della Ragione.
"Le Metamorfosi di Eva" is a study of the female world that consists of three series.
"Come Tu Mi Vuoi" is an investigation of the social pressures that influence women's lives.
The work called "Casa Dolce Casa", presents "a circle of hell" where, in an unjust law of retaliation, domestic objects turn into instruments of torture.
"Su la Testa", the third body of work displayed here, exams consciousness and will to change.
"L'Eta' della Ragione" is a series still open.
I created these images reflecting on human behaviour, which at times, due to emotional reasons or prejudices, can be paradoxical and contradictory. Such behaviour can contribute to man's unhappiness and the destruction of the environment to which he is tightly bound.
Although man longs for knowledge and craves higher and higher achievements, he often remains confined in his world of egoism, fear, interest and childish desires that reveal his substantial immaturity and fragility.
My use of the self-portrait is not a mirror's reflection but I play a role. Depending on the mood or situation I wish to create, I assume various aspects, sometimes paradoxical, ironic, surreal or playful.
In these self-portraits, I try to reveal the multiplicity of "self" available to one individual.

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