Fighting Fish Studio Statement

Artist Statement
This body of work came from the idea to create a temporary fictional environment that we could use to illustrate our ideas and work out those itching and poking thoughts that tend to linger in the brain and never seem to leave its owner alone.

The inspiration for our work usually originates from daily life, from the things that make us laugh to our fears and frustrations; about things we do not have much power over. These inspirations are usually recorded as quick sketches in our notebooks or doodles on cocktail napkins until we find a way to work them out visually.

Using the simplest (any) materials we can get our hands on, we build our characters and sets just long enough to be lit and photographed. We build them the best way we know how, but not to last. It is customary after a photo-shoot to either discard or recycle materials for later projects.

What we hope to get out of the whole process is a souvenir. It is like having a postcard from a place that no longer exists and that no one has physically ever been to in the first place, from where human feelings and thoughts originate.

About us

Arlo Keo Valera and Hyeyoung Kim, a husband and wife team, work collaboratively to create hand made photographic images and illustrations. They currently live and work in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. More of their works can be seen @

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