Christine Laptuta Statement

Artist Statement
Memory and the Passage of Time

My narratives chronicle the mystery and ambiguity that is present within the land, and the beauty and chaos that is always in flux.

I seek specific locations in which I can explore the notion of time passing, a circle with no beginning or end, the continuity of infinite repetition.

By using a hand held primitive camera with a manual winder, I compose my stories in camera. I shoot continuous frames on one strip of 120 film with no interruption. The images reflect a narrative as a cinematic journey.

Process Statement
In 2006 I purchased a primitive Holga camera. The camera's unpredictability, its unrefined results forced me to be spontaneous, accidental and intuitive.

I develop 120 film, then scan it for digital negatives for use in both platinum printing as well as enlarged digital negatives.

Each of the series is available in limited editions

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