Marina Black Statement

Artist Statement
Anne R. Kelly, Gallery Director at Photo-eye in Los Angeles writes about Marina’s project "When the Room Becomes Water": “in this series, Black's distressed black and white self portraits are a personal psychological investigation catalyzed by the effects of intense and intimate loss. While literally stitching herself together, Black explores aspects self-awareness, revelation, and catharsis in her images.” Larry Lytle, a contributing writer to the B & W Magazine: “It’s a dicey gambit to link a poem, written by the artist, as an explanation for a painting, drawing or photograph. It takes talent and a keen ability to conflate visual with literary metaphor, with neither element swamping the other.” Mike Hoolboom, Canadian artist & critic: “Marina’s darkness (her black) preserves something of the mystery of her subjects, they are not opened to us the way a surgeon would view the body, but instead offer an invitation (and challenge) to the viewer to embrace what cannot be shown.” Art Babayants, Artistic Director, Producer, Toronto Laboratory Theatre on a lighting/photography/performance 'VV-section' for Toronto’s contemporary art festival Nuit Blanche in 2015: “It was hard for me to believe that Marina was new to the world of the performing arts. She approached the project with the same level of precision and aesthetic awareness she usually approaches the genre more familiar to her. From our initial steps of exploring a possible lineage of similar practices to the actual implementation of the work, Marina showed unparalleled commitment to the work.” Themes central to Black' work, whether in photography, drawing or writing, are mortality & anguish, beauty & abjectness of the human body, identity & memory. She is interested in the emotional truth in people’s lives: what their existence like underneath the surface? She is intrigued by the idea that when words disappear the body’s presence continues to be felt through spacing, punctuation, and light.

Process Statement
Black’s photography is about experimentation and the physical process of reworking the surface. She works in analogue, digital and camera-less technologies and likes the tactile qualities of prints, and dealing with fragments, that often take her to a new place.

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