Martin Miller Statement

Artist Statement
You will not find a single human figure in my work, but it is nonetheless very much about the human condition — our fears, our dreams, our history, our creativity. Each series of my photographs is motivated by various crosscurrents of these concerns. Post-structuralist theorists would have us believe that images have no meaning except as seen through the lens of a particular culture, but this seems unlikely to be completely true since, going back far enough in our evolution, we all derive from the same primitive culture. This common origin would seem to imply the existence of some common perceptual mechanisms and at least some shared cultural legacy among Homo sapiens everywhere. My approach owes something to both the modernist attempt to intuit universal insights and the more pragmatic, culture-oriented, postmodern approach. The latter does little to explain our remarkable creative capacities and dreams, but the former has little to do with political, social, and economic realities. Our fears seem to straddle both camps, fueled by our imaginations and by objective reality. My goal is create work that reflects a synthesis of these rather disparate conceptual systems in order to realize more fully the nature of our human heritage.

Process Statement
All my images begin as conventional film capture, mostly 8"x10" with some 4"x5". Negatives are digitally scanned, further processed in PhotoShop, then printed by me with archival pigment inks.

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