David Graham Statement

Artist Statement
I look upon myself as a documentary photographer. Sometimes my subject is quite narrow, other times it is quite broad. My best work involves photographing the American cultural landscape in all its diversity. I've been doing this through 4 books since 1978. I find my inspiration in the work of many photographers, the most obvious being Walker Evans. Other naive and unknown photographers have helped me out. I also find non-fiction writers to be following parallel paths. It's about all I read. My only problem is that my photographs require travel and I love my family too much to leave.

Process Statement
I used to be an 8x10 guy. A Deardorff was all I used for 5 years until I added a 6x9 Fuji. This combination remained dominant until 1989 when I was doing a lot of airplane travel for my book "Only in America". I switched to a Linhof 4x5. In 1990 I began doing a lot of magazine work and the shift was almost complete to Fuji's, Hasselblad's and a Mamiya 6. The irony is that I now use my old 8x10 case to carry lights.

The film is Kodak color negative and the prints range from 8x10 to 30x40, made by me the old fashioned way, for now.

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