Mark Eshbaugh Statement

Artist Statement
My continual experimentation with different cameras and different film formats has eventually led to the creation of my own unique camera that I use today. Through dedication to experimentation my images are works of art that incorporate the medium they’re composed in.

The fractured imagery reminds us of the limitations of the medium and the limitations of our own memories. We cannot capture a complete moment of time with a photograph, just as we can never remember a complete moment of time accurately. Humans can only remember bits and pieces of a moment, and as time moves on biases and changed perspectives cloud that vision. Each fractured pane exists in a paradox of harmony and conflict. One moment the pieces are working together to create a whole image. The next moment the pieces are fighting another, trying to capture your full attention.

Process Statement
Using both modified and cameras of my design and construction, all images are shot on multiple rolls of film simultaneously. While many of the images are lens-based, some photographs are pinhole images. All images are silver gelatin prints made from the unaffected negatives straight from the camera exposure. The coloration is made through the multiple and selective use of archival toners that change the silver halides in the paper base. The chemical reactions result in a more stable compound, increasing the longevity of the print and creating the colors perceived. No color photographic materials are used. As a result of the extensive toning each print is slightly unique.

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