© Dornith DohertyDornith Doherty: Archiving Eden
Dornith Doherty: Archiving Eden

photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce the addition of Dornith Doherty’s Archiving Eden, to the Photographer's Showcase. In Archiving Eden, Doherty photographs seed banks across the globe; exploring everything from small private institutions to some of the world's largest and most compressive seed vaults. In this project Doherty blends science, conservation, and artistry by collaborating with biologists and governments to investigate complex issues while creating poetic imagery — including both straight documentation of values and institutions as well as digital collages utilizing (macro) onsite research x-ray technology. The Photographer's Showcase portfolio focuses on Doherty's delicate and detailed digital collages. Doherty's large scale collages echo fine lucida pencil drawings or early cyanotypes aiding in the formal blend between history, preservation, and photography.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
© Rita MaasRita Maas
Rita Maas: 20th Century Plastics

photo-eye gallery is pleased to announce a new portfolio titled 20th Century Plastics by Photographer’s Showcase artist Rita Maas. In this project, Maas images the consequence of time and atmosphere on photographic film – presenting the evidence of an object, image, and moment reduced to an abstract color field. These vibrant plastic windows, reminiscent of stained glass, serve as statements about photography’s ephemeral nature, an elegy for its chemical history, and perhaps hope for its future.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
Julie Blackmon: HOMEGROWN Julie Blackmon
Julie Blackmon: HOMEGROWN

Opening, Artist Reception & Book Signing Friday, September 26th, 2014, 5–7pm

Exhibition continues through November 15th, 2014.

photo-eye Gallery is located at 541 S. Guadalupe St. (in the Railyard Arts District), Santa Fe.

Drawing on the Dutch proverb of 'a Jan Steen Household,' meaning a boisterous home life filled with rambunctious children, Blackmon crafts images of domestic disarray in a contemporary suburban context. Blackmon¹s large-scale color photographs are inspired by 17th century Dutch and Flemish paintings, reimagining the American family within an art historical framework. Avoiding the overtly sentimental, Blackmon's precisely orchestrated compositions blend wit and whimsy in the face of everyday realities.

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For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.

photo-eye Gallery is located at 541 S. Guadalupe Street (in the Railyard Arts District), Santa Fe, NM 87501. The gallery is open 10am–5:30pm Tuesday–Saturday or by appointment.
Brad WilsonBrad Wilson
Brad Wilson: Avian

photo-eye Bookstore + Project Space is pleased to announce an exhibition of photographs by Brad Wilson entitled Avian: Selected Works from the Affinity series. Avian includes photographs of birds where Wilson illuminates subtle idiosyncrasies in exquisite detail against a black studio backdrop. Employing a refined technique typically reserved for human sitters, Wilson’s subjects dramatically confront the camera. The exhibition celebrates the release of Brad Wilson’s new monograph, Wild Life, published by Prestel.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
© Burt GlinnBurt Glinn
Magnum Photos Collectors' Prints by great Magnum photographers are available on demand. These are authorized, signed (if the photographer is alive), archivally-produced, fine prints made from the original negative either by the photographer or under the photographer's supervision. Prices vary from photographer to photographer. Please expect 2-4 weeks for delivery. Order by clicking the [$ Purchase Print] button next to the photograph you wish to buy.
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