Carl Moore Apitatan (Juan Sebastian Aguirre), Quito, Ecuador
Carl Moore Raro (Juan Martin Arcos), Quito, Ecuador
Arte Urbano del Ecuador. Photographs of Ecuadorian Street Art by Carl Moore

Artist Reception and Book Signing
Friday, July 6th, 2018, 5-7 pm
Exhibition continues through August 25th, 2018

Amazed by the quality and expression of a wall painting in the town square of Kumbaya, Carl Moore began photographing street art during his first visit to Ecuador. Moore's images serve to create lasting documents of these ephemeral yet important public statements. To create authentic street art, or arte urbano – the preferred Ecuadorian term, many of the artists risk their own safety painting at night in abandoned locations, and can incur substantial personal costs. Their work can reactivate dormant places, balance persuasive advertising, and create a site specific dialogue between the artist and their community.

"I photograph street art because I like much of the art and I admire the talent, courage and world views of the artists. My personal passion — how people create and recreate their communities – is in sync with why many street artists do what they do, and I am intrigued by how they live their art."
— Carl Moore

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Bryant Austin Bryant Austin
Bryant Austin: Solar Transit

Bryant Austin’s Solar Transit reveals the sun’s surface in vivid detail, as viewed through Earth’s varied atmospheric states. The result is a striking series of black-and-white images defamiliarizing our view of the sun and its relation to the landscape. Dramatic landscape elements anchor the experience to challenge our perceptions of reality and our place within an infinite void. Bryant believes that the disconnection we experience from one another, from nature, and the universe is an illusion, and seeks to deconstruct the divisions we create between subjects and found in nature and contemporary photography.

"Everything I create expresses awareness that every photograph taken throughout history is a self-portrait of the cosmos. It is this feeling of connectedness that I seek to convey through every photograph." – Bryant Austin

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CosmosCurrent Exhibition in our Santa Fe Gallery
A Group Exhibition
Opening: Friday, May 25, 5 – 7 PM
On View: May 25 – July 20, 2018

Cosmos celebrates humanity’s fascination with the vast expanses beyond Earth’s boundaries. In this group exhibition, six diverse photographers focus on heavenly bodies as a means to convey sublime notions of time, scale and splendor. Works in Cosmos create a place for reverence and wonder while engaging our fundamental curiosity and reminding us how precious life is on our planet.

Cosmos is a group exhibition corresponding with the The Santa Fe Institute’s Interplanetary Festival running this June in the Railyard, and features work by Beth Moon, Kate Breakey, Chris McCaw, Linda Connor, Alan Friedman and introducing the work of Bryant Austin.

photo-eye Gallery, 541 S. Guadalupe St. (in the Railyard Arts District), Santa Fe, NM 87501. Tuesday-Saturday 10-5:30 pm or by appointment.

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Michael Lange Michael Lange
Michael Lange
Michael Lange's latest series, BERG, meaning mountain in German, is a study of the ephemeral and solid. Photographed in the French Alps, the atmospheric images in BERG elicit notions of transformation as the mountainscape's solid presence merges with surrounding elemental forces. Overall, BERG as a series, represents a meditative exploration of our relationship with landscape.

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