© Teri HavensTeri Havens
Teri Havens: Last Light

photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce Last Light a body of work by photographer Teri Havens, new to the Photographer's Showcase. Beginning in 1991 Havens has taken to the street under the cover of darkness to photograph American vernacular vignettes perhaps tame in daylight but given dramatic center stage under the spotlight of a full moon or streetlamp. Inherently Last Light places a focus on traditional nightlife, corner bars play a central roll, and they are accompanied by a supporting cast featuring an inn, a casino, and the white bell tower of a West Virginian church. Last light is printed in rich Platinum/Palladium and available in limited editions of 20.

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© Teri HavensMichael Lange: Wald

© Teri HavensMichael Lange: Fluss
photo-eye Gallery
Michael Lange: Fluss | Wald

Opening Reception & Booksigning
Friday August 28, 5–7 PM

Friday August 28 – October 17
photo-eye Gallery, 541 S. Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, NM

photo-eye Gallery is excited to open WALD/FLUSS, an exhibition of landscape photographs from German photographer Michael Lange. Opening on Friday, August 28th, the photo-eye Gallery exhibition is his first solo show in the United States. Lange will be in attendance signing copies of his two books WALD and FLUSS, both published by Hatje Cantz. Translating to “forest” and “river,” the large-format color photographs of WALD/FLUSS explore the natural world with compelling subtly and particular interest in the capacity of these landscapes to act as conduit for the human subconscious. In both series one is struck with the sensation of encountering these landscapes on one’s own, existing in the presence of the wild and untamed, the constant force of change in the landscape.

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© Teri HavensElaine Ling
Elaine Ling:
Baobab: Tree of Generations

August 14 – November 7

photo-eye is pleased to announce the exhibition and portfolio release of Baobab: Tree of Generations, photographs by Elaine Ling.

In Elaine Ling’s large-format black-­and-white series, the artist set out across South Africa, Mali, and Madagascar to photograph one of the world’s most ancient living organisms: the Baobab tree. Able to grow to spectacular size in some of the most infertile soil, the Baobab provides for the community that surrounds it. Generations have depended upon the Baobab tree, which not only provides shelter but it is also a nutritious food source with its fruit and a renewable source for materials for textiles and shelter. Ling’s use of 4x5 Polaroid Positive/Negative film serves to enhance the trees ancient and alien appearance, and the large-­scale 30 x 40” archival pigment exhibition prints echo the scale and scope of the monumental Baobab.

View the photo-eye Editions' portfolio

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© Teri HavensKate Breakey

© Teri HavensKeith Carter
Previously at photo-eye Gallery
Kate Breakey — Shadows & Light
Keith Carter — Ghostland

July 10 – August 22, 2015

photo-eye Gallery, 541 S. Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, NM

photo-eye is excited to announce concurrent exhibitions by renowned photographers Keith Carter and Kate Breakey. These exhibitions will feature new work by Carter and Breakey as well as selections from established projects. Over 150 images are in the show including Mr. Carter's tintypes and Ms. Breakey's Gold-leaf prints.

Golden Stardust, new work for Breakey, is an intriguing investigation into the use of gold as a material, and its meaning, throughout history. Here, 24 karat leaf is applied to common scenes and items – such as a nude, a piece of fruit, or a flock of birds – the addition of gold creates an unfamiliar experience touched by the surreal.

Ghostland by Keith Carter is, according to the artist, “an exploration of the flora, fauna, and folklore of the swamplands in the American South.” For more than 30 years Carter has used traditional photographic materials to cultivate an extended portrait of the Southern identity. Far from straight documentary, Carter’s tintypes echo with notes of religion, mythology, and whimsy.

Read our blog post about Kate Breakey's exquisite gold-leaf work that's in the show.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
© Teri HavensBob Cornelis
Bob Cornelis:
Carta I and Carta II.

photo-eye is pleased to announce two new portfolios by photographer Bob Cornelis — Carta I and Carta II. These black and white palladium prints are an intriguing blend of 19th, 20th, and 21st Century photographic practice and philosophy, as Cornelis combines digital capture with palladium salts to build an image. Focused on form and invested in abstraction, Cornelis depicts paper as both vast and rolling fully tonal environments in Carta I and glowing angular marks that divide the picture plane in Carta II.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
© David SeymourDavid Seymour
Magnum Photos Collectors' Prints by great Magnum photographers are available on demand. These are authorized, signed (if the photographer is alive), archivally-produced, fine prints made from the original negative either by the photographer or under the photographer's supervision. Prices vary from photographer to photographer. Please expect 2-4 weeks for delivery. Order by clicking the [$ Purchase Print] button next to the photograph you wish to buy.
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