© Thomas JacksonThomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson:
Emergent Behavior

photo-eye is excited to welcome Thomas Jackson and his large scale color series Emergent Behavior to the Photographer's Showcase. In this series man-made objects assemble in powerful masses, taking on a life of their own as they co-exist with nature. To make these images, Jackson first imagines the composition and then constructs large suspended kinetic sculptures from colorful everyday objects, which are photographed, finally resulting in a still image. According to Jackson, these hovering installations take reference from "emergent" natural systems such as termite mounds, swarming locusts, or schooling fish in order to evoke both the fear and fascination prompted by such phenomena.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
© Thomas JacksonAngela Bacon-Kidwell
Angela Bacon-Kidwell:
Home by Nightfall

photo-eye Gallery is pleased to exhibit Photographer's Showcase artist Angela Bacon-Kidwell titled Home by Nightfall. Bacon-Kidwell photographs a lone road surrounded by stretches of a seemingly infinite smokey landscape bathed in gausy light. Ultimately speaking of transition and journey, a young boy, the series' only character, grapples with the environment — simultaneously resisting and embracing its cold and tumultuous demeanor. Almost narrative at times, Bacon-Kidwell plants us firmly at the road's center, lending a sensation of infinite space, and leaving the viewer to decide whether each scene describes past events or future obstacles. Combined with images of the road, dust, and stars Kidwell paints a powerful symbolic portrait of loss, grief, and ultimately acceptance.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
#xArtist1bVanessa Marsh
Vanessa Marsh:
Everywhere All at Once

photo-eye Gallery is please to announce Everywhere All at Once, a portfolio by Vanessa Marsh, new to the Photographer's Showcase. Everywhere All at Once is a series of black-and-white, cameraless images examining the sublime while comparing natural and manmade power. Paradoxically both peaceful and eerie, Everywhere All at Once depicts an enigmatic abandoned landscape whipped by wind, and bathed in starlight.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
Jock Sturges Jock Sturges
Jock Sturges: Fanny

Opening, Friday, April 10th, 5–7pm photo-eye Gallery, 541 S. Guadalupe St, Santa Fe

Exhibition continues through May 23, 2015

photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of black-and-white and color photographs by Jock Sturges, FANNY—in celebration of his new monograph of the same title published by Steidl. This stunning extended portrait spans more than 23 years, and gives witness to one woman's transition from childhood to adulthood. Photographed in the naturist community of Montalivet France, where Fanny and her family make their home, these images depict not only Fanny's physical change but also a growing rapport with Sturges, her godfather. More than anything, FANNY showcases Sturges commitment to beauty, and that images are truly a collaboration between the artist and their subject.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.

photo-eye Gallery is located at 541 S. Guadalupe Street (in the Railyard Arts District), Santa Fe, NM 87501. The gallery is open 10am–5:30pm Tuesday–Saturday or by appointment.
Hiroshi WatanabeJohn Chervinsky
An Experiment in Perspective
John Chervinsky
An Experiment in Perspective

Opening, Friday, February 20th, 2015, 5–7pm

photo-eye Bookstore + Project Space is located at 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe.
Exhibition continues through May 16th, 2015

photo-eye BOOKSTORE + PROJECT SPACE is pleased to announce an exhibition of black and white photographs by John Chervinsky, An Experiment in Perspective. This series of table-top still-lifes challenge our spatial awareness by layering three-dimensional objects with chalk drawings, creating compelling scenes of baffling dimensionality and perspective. An engineer working in the field of applied physics, Chervinsky's photographs incorporate object symbolic of his personal life, objects that reflect our idea of perception and time and chalkboard drawings that relate to the science of simple machines up to the highly complex scientific concepts.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
Jock SturgesClay Lipsky
Clay Lipsky:
Atomic Overlook

photo-eye is pleased to announce Atomic Overlook a portfolio of color images by photographer Clay Lipsky, new to the Photographer’s Showcase. Atomic Overlook re-contextualizes a legacy of atomic bomb tests in order to keep the ongoing nuclear threat fresh and omnipresent. It also speaks to the current state of the world, a voyeuristic, tourist filled culture where catastrophe is viewed as entertainment by increasingly desensitized masses. The iconic mushroom cloud, a loaded symbol burned into our collective subconscious, represents a triumph of science, apocalyptic destruction and even national pride, but in this case also serves as metaphor for larger societal issues such as global warming, nuclear power, industrialization and pollution. Archival pigment prints are available in limited editions of 10.

For more information, contact Anne Kelly, Gallery Director.
© Hiroji KubotaHiroji Kubota
Magnum Photos Collectors' Prints by great Magnum photographers are available on demand. These are authorized, signed (if the photographer is alive), archivally-produced, fine prints made from the original negative either by the photographer or under the photographer's supervision. Prices vary from photographer to photographer. Please expect 2-4 weeks for delivery. Order by clicking the [$ Purchase Print] button next to the photograph you wish to buy.
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