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P H O T O G R A P H E R ' S    S H O W C A S E SM    I N F O R M A T I O N

K E Y    B E N E F I T S   

  • Exposure
    Your work will be part of, a high traffic website that attracts over 7,000 unique visitors per day. Each portfolio opening is accompanied by an announcement in our email newsletter, received by over 20,000 readers across the globe. Once launched, your portfolio will also appear on the front page of the website as the main image for the gallery (duration of one-week minimum). Throughout the year, you are encouraged to update us with career advancements for inclusion in our newsletter.

  • Association
    As an integral part of, the Photographer's Showcase puts your work alongside other fine photographers from around the world, as well as the artists in our other online galleries, Represented Artists from photo-eye Gallery, Santa Fe, and Magnum Photos Collector's Prints.

  • Potential Contacts and Exhibitions
    Through the Photographer's Showcase, commercial galleries, museums, magazines, and publishers have the chance to view your work. Our formal photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe will exhibit at least one Photographer's Showcase artist each year. Other exhibition opportunities may arise resulting from your portfolio being viewed on our site, including at photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe and at art fairs.

  • World Class Website is a powerful website recognized for its beauty of design, ease of use and the depth of its image and book database.

  • Non-Exclusive Agreement
    photo-eye wants you to be a successful artist. Unlike many online venues, does not require that you sign an exclusive contract. You are free to choose other non-exclusive exhibition venues, giving your work heightened visibility.

  • Print Sales
    The Photographer's Showcase is trusted and secure e-commerce website that encourages print sales. Unlike most galleries, Photographer's Showcase artists receive 60% of the retail price on print sales.

  • Image Database
    Your work will be part of a powerful image database. Clients can easily find and view your work based on descriptor keywords that you supply, putting your work in the appropriate context.

  • Book Links
    With over 10,000 titles in our Bookstore database, photo-eye has the largest selection of in-print fine-art photography books in the world. You may link your portfolio to any books listed in our database that contain your work. Customers can purchase books and prints in the same order.

  • Portfolio Management
    Unlike many other similar websites, the Photographer's Showcase encourages artists to manage their own portfolio online. For example, through sophisticated keyword associations and genre classifications, you determine the context in which your work is seen. You can also sequence your images, enter biographical information, and update print information including price changes. Updates take effect immediately, keeping your portfolio full of up-to-date information.

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