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Another Kind of Life. Photography on the Margins.
Photographs by Bruce Davidson, Paz Errauriz, Jim Goldberg, Danny Lyon, Mary Ellen Mark, Boris Mikhailov, Daido Moriyama, and Dayanita Singh. Text by Alona Pardo. Contribution by David Chandler.
Prestel, Lakewood,NJ, 2018.   Cat# PX317    ISBN-13: 978-3791384276

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Candy/A Good and Spacious Land.
Photographs by Jim Goldberg and Donovan Wylie. Text by Christopher Klatell and Laura Wexler and Pamela Franks.
Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, 2017.   Cat# YU202    ISBN-13: 978-0300222999
The Last Son.
Photographs by Jim Goldberg.
Super Labo, 2016.   Cat# ZH164    ISBN-13: 978-4905052920

Rich and Poor.
Photographs by Jim Goldberg.
Steidl, 2014.   Cat# ZF576    ISBN-13: 978-3869306889
Polaroids from Haiti. One Picture Book #84.
Photographs by Jim Goldberg.
Nazraeli Press, Portland, 2013.   Cat# TR412    ISBN-13: 978-1590053928
134 Ways to Forget.
Photographs by Jim Goldberg.
Super Labo, 2012.   Cat# ZE921    ISBN-13: 978-4905052302

American Psyche.
Photographs by Susuan Felter, Leon Borensztein, Jim Goldberg, Bethe Yarnelle Edwards, Todd Hido, Brian Ulrich & Chris Churchill.
Religare Art, 2011.   Cat# ZE590   

Rich and Poor.
Photographs by Jim Goldberg.
TBW, 2011.   Cat# ZE483   

Open See.
Photographs by Jim Goldberg.
Steidl & Partners, 2009.   Cat# DQ263    ISBN-13: 978-3865218261

The Kin Subscription Series. Books 1-4.
Photographs by Mike Brodie, Paul Schiek, Ari Marcopoulos and Jim Goldberg.
TBW, 2008.   Cat# ZD523   

War Is Only Half the Story. The Aftermath Project, Vol.1
Photographs by Jim Goldberg and Wolf Bowig. Text by Simon Winchester.
Aperture, New York, 2008.   Cat# AP556    ISBN-13: 978-1597110426
Blind Spot Issue 9.
Araki, David Armstrong, Lois Conner, William Eggleston, Jim Goldberg, David LaChappelle, Duane Michals, Michael Stipe, Wim Wenders.
Blind Spot Photography, Inc., New York, 1997.   Cat# ZB151   

Raised by Wolves.
Photographs and text by Jim Goldberg.
Scalo, Zurich, 1995.   Cat# PK273    ISBN-10: 1881616509

Rich and Poor.
Photographs and afterword by Jim Goldberg.
Random House, New York, 1985.   Cat# RH004    ISBN-10: 0394741560