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Ansel Adams Versus Vittorio Sella.
Photography by Ansel Adams and Vittorio Sella. Text by Filippo Maggia.
Skira, New York, 2016.   Cat# RZ322    ISBN-13: 978-8857222226
Ansel Adams. The National Parks Service Photographs.
Text by Ansel Adams. Introduction by Alice Gray.
Abbeville Press, Jackson, 2017.   Cat# AV098   
The Flame of Recognition.
Photographs by Edward Weston. Foreword by Nancy Newhall. Preface by Ansel Adams.
Aperture, New York, 2015.   Cat# DS446    ISBN-13: 978-1597113106
Group f.64. Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, and the Community of Artists Who Revolutionized American Photography.
Text by Mary Street Alinder.
Bloomsbury USA, 2014.   Cat# ZG305    ISBN-13: 978-1620405550
The Ansel Adams Wilderness.
Photographs by Peter Essick.
National Geographic, 2014.   Cat# RH088    ISBN-13: 978-1426213298
At Water's Edge.
Photographs by Ansel Adams.
Peabody Essex Museum, 2014.   Cat# ZF982    ISBN-13: 978-0875772257
Ansel Adams: At the Water's Edge
Phillip Prodger. Preface by Rebecca A. Senf. Forward by Dan L. Monroe and Lynda Roscoe Hartigan
Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, 2012.   Cat# I1053    ISBN-13: 978-0875882257

Unseen Ansel Adams. Photographs from the Fiat Lux Collection.
Photography by Ansel Adams. Introduction by Prof. Jason Weems.
Thunder Bay Press, 2010.   Cat# ZE176    ISBN-13: 978-1607100133

Ansel Adams in the National Parks.
Photographs by Ansel Adams.
Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 2010.   Cat# LB094    ISBN-13: 978-0316078467

Ansel Adams in Color.
By Ansel Adams, Andrea G. Stillman, John P. Schaefer. Edited by Andrea G. Stillman, John P. Schaefer.
Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 2009.   Cat# LB089    ISBN-13: 978-0316056410

400 Photographs.
Photographs by Ansel Adams. Edited by Andrea G. Stillman.
Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 2007.   Cat# LB087    ISBN-13: 978-0316117722

Sierra Nevada: The John Muir Trail.
Photographs by Ansel Adams. Introduction by William A. Turnage.
Bulfinch, New York, 2006.   Cat# BF213    ISBN-10: 082125717X

In Character: Actors Acting.
Photographs by Howard Schatz.
Bulfinch, New York, 2005.   Cat# BF201    ISBN-10: 0821229079

The Portfolios of Ansel Adams.
Photographs by Ansel Adams. Introduction by John Szarkowski.
Bulfinch, New York, 2006.   Cat# BF212    ISBN-10: 0821258222

Speaking of Art: Ansel Adams. John Szarkowski on the Photography of Ansel Adams.
Produced by Edgar B. Howard.
Checkerboard Film Foundation, New York, 2005.   Cat# CH007   

Photographs by Ansel Adams.
Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 2004.   Cat# LB085    ISBN-10: 0821277529

America's Photographer.
Photographs by Ansel Adams. Text by Beverly Gherman.
Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 2002.   Cat# LB084    ISBN-10: 0316824453

Ansel Adams and the Photographers of the American West.
Photographs by Ansel Adams and others. Text by Eva Weber.
Thunder Bay Press, San Diego, 2002.   Cat# ZB985    ISBN-10: 1571458077

Ansel Adams. A Documentary Film.
Written and Directed by Ric Burns.
Sierra Club, San Francisco, 2002.   Cat# FT029   
Divine Performance.
Photographs by Ansel Adams. Text by Anne Hammond.
Yale University Press, New Haven, 2002.   Cat# YU047    ISBN-10: 0300092415