Melanie McWhorter's favorite book from 2018

Jasper is a very quiet book. All books are quiet, mostly, but this one causes a stillness in me. There is no distraction. The book is wrapped in a printed, heavy-stock craft paper securely enveloping Matthew Genitempo’s still lifes, portraits, and landscapes taken in the Ozarks. Its edited selection has themes of insecurity, delicacy, and solitude — uncomfortable emotions conveyed in desolate, wintry, Midwestern scenes. Jasper opens with an excerpt from a poem by Frank Wright that begins to describe what Genitempo has captured in his photographs and the designers in this book: “there is another world.” This book is near perfect.

Melanie McWhorter is a photography consultant specializing in photobooks. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. www.melaniemcwhorter.com