Regina Anzenberger's favorite book from 2018

Handmade books are my passion and therefore Julia Borissova’s book is a masterpiece photobook for me. A combination of found and her own images, origami art, sewing and stitching creates an imaginary journey in the footsteps of one of the first balloonists, Charles Leroux, who was born in America and died at the age of 32 while performing a parachute jump in Tallinn. The edition is 239 copies, as Leroux made 239 jumps. The book is at the intersection of a real story and Julia Borissova’s reflection about the concept of falling. It is a permanent surprise from one page to the next. Unfolding and discovering, amazement and admiration makes the book an unforgettable experience.

Artist, curator and director of the AnzenbergerGallery, a bookshop and agency based in Vienna, Austria. www.anzenberger.com