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Just after 9/11 I took a walk around Hyde Park, feeling very nebulous. It was there that I realized that I no longer wanted “detail”, the constant “clutter’ and ceaseless noise that surrounds us all. In that moment I wanted to photograph the world without the detail. It was there that my work transformed into what you see today, wanting to distill the moment without the detail. To ask the viewer to pause, rest and to breathe, giving the viewer space. By overexposing in the camera, my world becomes clutter free, to be able to experience the moment and therefore really see it, feel it and connect with it. It is as if by removing the clutter, the viewer is freed up to respond to the work as if they can hear the image. It is though by removing the surplus detail, the other senses can come into play, making it easier to hear the waves, feel the heat of the sunlight and taste the salt air.

These timeless photographs capture a series of moments and allow the viewer to explore the emotions that ebb and flow with them.

Thank you.