Anouk Kruithof's favorite book from 2018

The world is a messed up place; why are we still wearing masks? Do we want to hide our true identity? Old masks are like magical entities from the past: strongly used in many traditions, spiritual ceremonies and celebrations. Now we live in a time where our online persona can become a mask in itself, we’re somewhat lost in the truth about masks and the comfort a metaphorical mask gives us to provide us safety. We can easily hide our anxieties behind masks of power and security. We’re all insecure, but photography of masks that are beautiful cultural artifacts of the past is anthropological evidence. The book Masken, by Michael Etzensperger, shows double exposures of found photographs of hundreds of different types of old masks, which create this constantly shifting and changing hallucino-magic image-trip throughout the book. On one hand "just a beautiful visionary;" but on the other hand this book also reminds of our own honesty to the world out there. It makes you think what a mask means now? Do we still dare to show our real faces? #truth and #fake are hard to distinguish online. #radicalhonesty. #nofilter.

Anouk Kruithof is a nomadic visual artist whose multilayered, interdisciplinary approach encompasses photography, sculpture, installation, artist-books, text, performance, video, animation, websites and interventions in the public domain. She is the creator of Universal Tongue. Anouk runs the publishing platform stresspress.biz and is also co-creator, director and jury member of The Anamorphosis Prize. Her work has been shown all over the world in various institutions, such as MoMA New York, FOAM and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. www.anoukkruithof.nl