Deanna Templeton's favorite book from 2018

I picked this book for one particular photo, a photo I wish I could’ve been the one holding the camera and pressing the shutter release. The photo is of an older lady holding a cigarette inside a café by the window and on the other side of the glass is a young girl and her reflection leaning, looking. Both are making eye contact with the lens, the older lady is smiling, the younger girl has a look of query. Everything is perfect in this image. This image leaves with me questions I want to ask them though I know they will never be answered and that’s alright.

Deanna Templeton (Born 1969) is an American documentary photographer based in Southern California. She has 5 books of her photography published, Your Logo Here (PAM Books 2007), Scratch My Name on your Arm (Schunk 2010), The Swimming Pool (Um Yeah Arts 2016), The Moon Has Lost Her Memory (Super Labo 2017) and Contemporary Suburbium (Nazraeli 2017) Deanna Templeton is represented by Little Big Man Gallery, Los Angeles and Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp, Belgium.