Dewi Lewis's favorite book from 2018

As a publisher, I often come across books I admire, but only occasionally ones that I also wish I’d published. Soham Gupta’s Angst is certainly one of those. It’s not an easy book. Its focus is night time on the back streets of Calcutta, its subjects largely people whose lives are broken — people on the edge, the poor, the disfigured, the mentally disturbed — people living in a shadow world so very different to our own. But Gupta is no voyeur, he is a storyteller who offers up a bitter mix of anger at what he encounters and sensitivity in how he portrays it. Alongside the photographs, he weaves sharply crafted stories of the street that add to the layered sense of place within which the book operates. For me this a work of great honesty and resonance.

Dewi Lewis published his first photobook in 1987 and established his own publishing company in 1994. Next year it will celebrate 25 years of independent publishing. Dewi was awarded the inaugural Royal Photographic Society Award for Outstanding Services to Photography in 2009 and the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation Award for Outstanding Contribution to Publishing in 2012. The company is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. www.dewilewis.com Twitter