Lauren Henkin's favorite book from 2018

Transcendental Concord is a beautiful meditation on Transcendentalism, photography and visual poetry. The book design, printing, scale, and material selection are handled with such care by Radius Books, that the viewer is left to fully engage and succumb to McCarty’s imagery and the accompanying text of Rebecca Norris Webb and Kirsten Rian. It’s a rare combination that feels unrushed — like the research and work that led to the creation of the book took years to slowly simmer; the result begins complete satisfaction and inspiration.

Born in Washington, DC, Lauren Henkin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and now resides in Maine. Her photographs explore our relationship with nature and the tension between preservation and extinction. In 2010, she founded Vela Noche, a publisher of fine press books and editions. She has published multiple photobooks with a particular focus on the collaboration between photography and poetry.