Mary Frey's favorite book from 2018

In Kristine Potter’s marvelous book, Manifest, ideas of myth and romance that once were symbolized in landscapes of the American West are subtly intertwined with portraits of men who presently inhabit these places. While the silvery beauty of her imagery sucks us in, one is quickly caught in her snare, as she weaves a cautionary tale of loss, isolation, and despair. Yet this story is not without redemption. Her landscapes are quiet, intimate spaces that suggest both refuge and confinement as her portraits offer an unflinching examination of the roles of men in today’s world. This book is both tough and beautiful, challenging readers to reconsider their thinking on patriarchy and power.

Mary Frey currently lives and works in western Massachusetts. Her latest photo books are Reading Raymond Carver (2017) and Real Life Dramas (2018), both from Peperoni Books, Germany. www.maryfrey.com