Rafal Milach's favorite book from 2018

Hungarian photographer Arion Gabor Kudasz uses twisted measurements and deformed brick to describe contemporary space in Eastern Europe. His investigated construct is based upon errors and mistakes and seems to have no chance to be sustained. Human is a labyrinth of forms in the process of becoming or decay that the author desperately tries to systematize. The collection of abandoned housing investments, post-industrial ruins, construction warehouses, and worker’s portraits creates an image of dysfunctional mechanisms. Kudasz uses the human body and deformed brick modules to set the new hierarchy, which can be perceived as a metaphor of the shift in fundamental values that Hungary and other countries in Eastern Europe are facing today.

Rafal Milach is an artist, photographer, and lecturer based in Warsaw, Poland. He is a founder of the Sputnik Photos collective and a nominee member of Magnum Photos. Rafal Milach’s monographs include: The Winners (GOST 2014), 7 Rooms (Kehrer 2011), In the car with R (Czytelnia Sztuki 2012) and The First March of Gentlemen (GOST 2018). rafalmilach.com