Susan Burnstine's favorite book from 2018

During a time when the natural world is rapidly changing and regularly vanishing before our eyes, the impermanent nature of Meghan Riepenhoff’s large-scale, camera-less cyanotypes made in collaboration with waves, wind, rain and sediment, precipitation and materials in the landscape strikes a deep chord. Her abstracts distinctively impart the nature of our relationships to the landscape, time and impermanence and they are as profound as they are beautiful. Riepenhoff’s inaugural monograph is exquisitely designed as two volumes attached by Z binding, which produces a seamless conversation between sister series Littoral Drift + Ecotone. This magnificent book will remain a longtime favorite.

Susan Burnstine is an award winning fine-art photographer originally from Chicago, now based in Los Angeles. She’s represented by galleries around the world, widely published, conducts workshops and has written for a number of photography publications, including a monthly column for Black + White Photography Magazine (UK). http://www.susanburnstine.com