Maki’s Favorite Book from 2019

In my mind there is never silence by Diego Moreno.   Published by Inframundo.

After his magnificent first book, Huesped, Diego Moreno came to this year's Arles photo festival with this new, astonishing, and limited photobook, which confirms the talent and depth of this Mexican photographer.

As it's often the case with Inframundo's publications here again particular care has been taken in the originality of the production of this hand-bound book. Also, besides this intriguing and beautiful photo series about “Los Panzudos Mercedarios” (the stout guardians of the neighborhood of La Merced in San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas, México), Diego Moreno's text brings us directly into his thoughts about both his dearest beings in precarious situation and, further, his life as a gay boy in Mexico. Deep and meaningful.

Maki (born in Marseille, France, 1964) is a French photographer who lives in Marseille. He exhibited his photo work in France and Japan and published several books, the last two are devoted to his series about Japan: Gûyu – Allegory (Timeshow Press / France – 2016) and Japan Somewhere (Zen Foto Gallery / Tokyo - 2018). He is also a photobook collector and publisher of the collection of mini photobooks Media Immediat (Ed Templeton, Onaka Koji, Morten Andersen…). He runs the “Photobooks Collectors” page on Facebook in which he introduces the photobooks he likes and recommends as well as the "Japanese Photography" group. View his work.