Andrew Fedynak’s Favorite Book from 2019

Sleep Creek by Dylan Hausthor & Paul Guilmoth.   Published by Void.

In Sleep Creek, by Dylan Hausthor and Paul Guilmoth, we are taken on a journey through raw, unknown spaces of rural land — and of our minds. Darkness and mystery become intertwined with each subject, who all bear a roughness indicative to the setting, New England. What happens in the wilderness when the lights are off? Or when one gets lost on a back road?

Rough, beautiful photographic pairings with a jarring sequence present a view of reality that seems a little off. In this book, the line between fiction and reality is blurred — similar to how our memories blur the past — creating something strange and slightly incorrect. The book forces one to constantly pause and wonder about what they just saw. Like driving late at night and going faster than what the headlights reveal, it leaves one with questions, which is a good thing.

Andrew Fedynak is a photographer, and photobook publisher located out of Richmond, Virginia. Centered around the aesthetic design principles of Wabi Sabi, Fedynak created the photobook company Zatara Press to publish uniquely designed and collaboratively crafted “Artist’s Styled Photobooks”. www.fedynak.com www.zatarapress.com