Bryan Schutmaat’s Favorite Book from 2019

The Pillar by Stephen Gill.   Published by Nobody.

I suspect it'll be a very popular choice this year, but Stephen Gill’s The Pillar is my favorite book of 2019. With a simple concept, Gill reveals the vibrancy of bird life as it has never been seen before. These wonderful pictures made me feel as though I was allowed into a hidden world not meant for human eyes. The Pillar is a pure delight and will not be forgotten. It should also be noted that my copy has been admired by viewers who are far outside "photoland," as it's one of those books that all kinds of audiences enjoy. My partner, an elementary teacher, took it to school for her students to see.

Bryan Schutmaat is a photographer from Austin, TX whose work has been widely exhibited and published. His books included Grays the Mountain Sends, Islands of the Blest, and Good Goddamn.