Colin Pantall’s Favorite Book from 2019

English Journey by John Angerson.   Self-Published.

John Angerson’s English Journey is that rarest of things, a beautifully designed book that takes a critical look at English identity without resorting to cliché or regionalism. It retraces the journey that J.B. Priestley made in the 1930s for his book of the same name, and finds an England that is de-skilled, de-industrialised and de-cultured. Brilliant design layers the combination of sober image and factual text into a nuanced view of what it means to be English today. And that’s where things get complicated…

Colin Pantall is a photographer, writer, and educator based in Bath, England. His photographic work focusses on his immediate domestic environment and includes his book All Quiet on the Home Front. colinpantall.com, Blog, Instagram