Douglas Stockdale’s Favorite Book from 2019

A Field Guide to Asbestos by Louie Palu.   Published by Yoffy Press.

Rarely does a long-term photo-documentary project result in a photo book that has an immediate impact on its ability to clearly illustrate an on-going health risk to our global society. Many social documentaries have either a direct or implied call-to-action, whose impact is hard to discern. Palu’s book has a visual immediacy that combines science, medicine, and personal situations to clearly illustrate the personal safety and risks prevalent today. The pervasive use of Asbestos in manufacturing for many years has placed each of us is in peril and we need to understand the long-term implications of this dangerous material, and Palu’s book is one of the most effective books that I have witnesses to bring this message home.

Douglas Stockdale (American) is the Editor/Publisher of the PhotoBook Journal, the contemporary photobook magazine and as an artist/photographer been published by Edizioni Punctum as well as self-publishing four artist books. He will lead a four-day book development workshop in March 2020 for Medium Festival in San Diego, CA and is the author of Guide to Self-Publishing an Indie Artist Book.