Forrest Soper’s Favorite Book from 2019

DOUBLE HELL by Trevor Clement.   Self Published.

Six volumes wrapped in wire, housed in a metal cage, and kept under lock and key.

A poetic fantasy grounded in ungodly realism, DOUBLE HELL is an artist book that is impossible to ignore and demands your engagement.

Anger and intimacy collide in a defiant book filled with crumbling concrete, vandalism, and spilt blood.

Trevor Clement has quietly created a masterwork, and in doing do has accomplished what I always yearn for — yet seldom see — in the photobook world.

Forrest Soper is an artist and photographer currently based out of Rochester, New York. A student at the George Eastman Museum and the University of Rochester, Forrest has worked as the editor of photo-eye Blog and as a photochemical lab technician at Bostick & Sullivan.