Jörg Colberg’s Favorite Book from 2019

Gift by Mari Katayama.   Published by United Vagabonds.

I consider Mari Katayama to be one of today's most interesting artists. While photography plays a prominent role in her process (she serves as her own model), sculptural elements are also added to her installations. The work itself is bold and daring. It focuses on the fact that Katayama was born with tibial hemimelia, which resulted in a cleft left hand and deformed legs, which she had amputated as a young child.

Gift is a retrospective catalog that shakes the viewer to the core, starting right with the bold cover image. In a world of photography that currently feels too static, too safe, and too satisfied with itself, here is an artist showing just how much more is possible.

Jörg Colberg is a writer, photographer, and educator currently based in Northampton, MA. He is founder and editor of CPhMag.com