Karen Jenkins’s Favorite Book from 2019

Taken From Memory by Sheron Rupp.   Published by Kehrer Verlag.

To pass muster on porch and pathway; to weave through lines of laundry, cats, and cars; to wait expectantly on a fish or a flower; to trace Sheron Rupp’s thirty-plus year journey to find home in another’s backyard is a wonder worth pursuing. Dualities of freedom and constraint, tension and ease, reverberate through Rupp’s encounters with residents of Appalachia and other regions of rural America. Kehrer Verlag faithfully reproduces the rich luminosity of her early color images, and the spare design and didactics of Taken from Memory recede into the background, allowing Rupp’s work to sing.

Karen Jenkins earned a Master's degree in Art History, specializing in the History of Photography from the University of Arizona. She has held curatorial positions at the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, AZ and the Demuth Museum in Lancaster, PA. Most recently she helped to debut a new arts project, Art in the Open Philadelphia, that challenges contemporary artists to reimagine the tradition of creating works of art en plein air for the 21st century.