Laura Moya’s Favorite Book from 2019

Jamais je ne t'oublierai by Carolle Bénitah.   Published by L'Artiere.

Intrigued by the amount of gold gilt in Paris, I was drawn to the work of Carolle Bénitah at Paris Photo — her series Jamais je ne t'oublierai (I Will Never Forget You) examines issues surrounding ancestry and memory, myths and truths. Bénitah deconstructs the fabled depictions of idealized family life by constructing her own version of (our collective) ancestors who have disappeared from this earth while simultaneously giving us permission to mourn the passing of time in a more honest way.

Japanese binding with a spiral spine, gold hot foil stamping and a very nice weight when held make this publication an objet d'art fitting to the constructive process of the series.

Laura Moya is the director of Photolucida, in Portland, Oregon. She organizes Photolucida’s biennial Portfolio Reviews event, Critical Mass programming, and Portland Photo Month. She has reviewed, juried and curated for various organizations. www.photolucida.org