Rafal Milach’s Favorite Book from 2019

EVOKATIV by Libuše Jarcovjáková.   Published by untitled.

EVOKATIV is a manifesto of personal freedom put against the political context of communist Czechoslovakia. Libuše Jarcovjáková is a strong female voice liberating both the body and space from the oppressive look. Intimate becomes public, personal becomes political, the body becomes the weapon. The artist takes a position and joins the global discourse at the turbulent times when human rights and freedoms are under threat. One of the most moving books I’ve seen in years.

Rafal Milach is an artist, photographer, and lecturer based in Warsaw, Poland. He is a founder of the Sputnik Photos collective and a nominee member of Magnum Photos. Rafal Milach’s monographs include: The Winners (GOST 2014), 7 Rooms (Kehrer 2011), In the car with R (Czytelnia Sztuki 2012), and The First March of Gentlemen (GOST 2018).