Sugar Paper Theories, and now its successor, Parliament of Owls." />
Rob Hornstra’s Favorite Book from 2019

Parliament of Owls by Jack Latham.   Published by Here Press.

I was a fan of Jack Latham's previous book, Sugar Paper Theories, and now its successor, Parliament of Owls. Latham's work is about conspiracy theories on the subject of his own choice, to which he eventually contributes to his own work. I have great admiration for authors who deal with subjects that are difficult for photographers to access or to visualize. Latham does not choose the hip and easy way of collecting and editing archive material and online sources. He continues to tell his stories, which are difficult to visualize, mainly by means of beautiful, unfathomable photography. Also a compliment to the publisher, Here Press, for once again producing a beautifully challenging book.

Rob Hornstra is a Dutch photographer known for The Sochi Project, which led to numerous books and exhibitions. Recently he started a new multi-year project called The Europeans. He is head of the Photography department at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and presenter of a highly popular live talk show about photobooks in his hometown Utrecht.