Susan Burnstine’s Favorite Book from 2019

The State Of Water by Brad Temkin.   Published by Radius Books.

The State Of Water continues Brad Temkin’s longstanding attention to our relationship with nature; how we appreciate and accommodate to it, and how it accommodates us. In his third book, he focuses on the transformative properties of water as we reuse it, and how it’s integrated back into nature. Temkin embraces the strangeness of forms and the distorted sense of scale found within water reclamation plants, resulting in a stunning collection of abstract and at times surreal imagery found with the landscape of water transformation. This stunningly designed book is an absolute jewel.

Susan Burnstine is an award winning fine-art photographer originally from Chicago, now based in Los Angeles. She’s represented by galleries around the world, widely published, conducts workshops and has written for a number of photography publications, including a monthly column for Black + White Photography Magazine (UK).