This year we are celebrating photo-eye's 40th anniversary as America's preeminent photobook store and the 26th anniversary of the year's best photobooks compilations. Once again we've asked internationally renowned experts and artists from the photobook world to choose just one book — their FAVORITE photobook of the year. It's the one book that rose above the others, that excited each member of our distinguished group more than any other book published since late last year.
Above banner image Hooded Crow (cropped) is from Stephen Gill's The Pillar. © Stephen Gill, 2019. All Rights Reserved. View Uncropped Version.

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D A Y   T H I R T E E N — F I N A L   D A Y
D A Y   T W E L V E
D A Y   E L E V E N
D A Y   T E N
D A Y   N I N E
D A Y   E I G H T
D A Y   S E V E N
D A Y   S I X
D A Y   F I V E
D A Y   F O U R
D A Y   T H R E E
D A Y   T W O
D A Y   O N E