Christian Patterson’s Favorite Book from 2020

Michael Schmidt: Photographs 1965-2014 by Michael Schmidt.   Published by Walther König.

This much-anticipated 400-page retrospective exhibition catalog chronicles the life and work of Michael Schmidt, one of the most important and influential post-war German photographers and photographic bookmakers.

The book includes several insightful essays and a treasure trove of unpublished work, book designs and archival materials. Schmidt’s Waffenruhe (Ceasefire, 1987) and Ein-heit (U-ni-ty, 1996) have been highly influential to me and many other photographers and bookmakers. Schmidt’s life, his teaching and work were heroic, and this book is a much-deserved and fitting monument to him.

Honorable Mentions:
Heaven is a Prison by Mark McKnight
ciprian honey cathedral by Raymond Meeks

Christian Patterson is an artist and bookmaker. He lives in New York City.