Clint Woodside’s Favorite Book from 2020

ciprian honey cathedral by Raymond Meeks.   Published by Mack.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to pick this one this year, but when you're hot, you're hot!

Raymond's work has always been caring and delicate, but what a loving portrait of Addie and the life they have together! And the timing of this release couldn't be more perfect, adding a level of togetherness and repetition we have all been experiencing in the pandemic.

I am pretty sure the work for this book was in the can well before we had to close the shutters and stay safe at home... but with that being part of our daily dialogue... it sure as hell adds a bit of appreciation for the ones we love. I recommend getting the special edition if you can, which comes with a second book that is equally as beautiful.

Damn Ray!

Honorable Mentions:
Distant Zine vol 1-4 by Emmerson German, Tim Carpenter, Nathan Pearce, Rachael Banks, Mathew David Crowther, Terri Weifenbach, Mike Slack, Jason Vaughn & Mark Brautigam
When a Man Loves a Woman by Molly Matalon

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