Daniel Boetker-Smith’s Favorite Book from 2020

Watering My Horse By A Spring At The Foot Of The Long Wall by Xiaoxiao Xu.   Published by The Eriskay Connection.

This is a majestic book that teases out a subtle and complex visualisation of 'the Long Wall' — the Great Wall of China. This isn't a simple road trip book — as it progresses, this story dismantles preconceptions of the Long Wall. Just as we see the crumbling and tossed remains of this iconic structure, we also see moments of staggering beauty and snatched perfection. Xu, through her ability to fully immerse her readers, has gifted us a layered story of historical and mythological narratives playing out amongst the serenity, vibrancy and richness of everyday rural life. Xiaoxiao Xu is a truly great photographer.

Honorable Mentions:
1974 by Li Lang
Miso Bukumirovic by Hajime Kimura

Daniel is an educator, writer, curator and photographer. He is the Dean of Studies at Photography Studies College (Melbourne), Australia's oldest photographic education institution. He is also Director of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, a not-for-profit organisation and travelling library of self-published and independent photobooks. Daniel regularly writes for GUP Magazine, The British Journal of Photography, Voices of Photography, Vault Magazine, and European Photography.