John Gossage’s Favorite Book from 2020

ciprian honey cathedral by Raymond Meeks.   Published by Mack.

A book of photographs sequenced to celebrate Meek’s partner Adrianna Ault.

This is by far Meeks’ best general release book (his handmade books are another story). Full of mystery and beauty, it contains pictures of Adrianna herself as well as commonplace things that through their being photographed have become remarkable, and through their sequencing reside somewhere between the author's photographs and Adrianna’s visions. This is the kind of photobook I like, one that makes you go back to it over and over. One that never seems to give you everything at once, with stunning pictures, so it cannot be put back on the shelf for long.

And a bit of advice if in these strange times you still have a few extra dollars. The limited edition adds a special grace note to this book (I usually have no interest in limited editions myself). It adds a booklet of a very everyday activity, yard work, and a transparent picture that floats on the page. It also ends with the perfect last words “She remains completely unexplained.” All of which add extra depth and interest to everything in the book.

Honorable Mentions:
The Atmosphere of Crime, 1957 by Gordon Parks
Roadside Lights Seasons: Winter by Eiji Ohashi 

John Gossage is at home too much these days, though he still gets to take a few pictures.